Al Jazeera English - Do you welcome it?


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The Arab News network Al Jazeera is now in the United states and its in English . This poll and thread is for all of us to discuss what is our opinion about it and what do we anticipate for its future .

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If it is the same news that is being broadcast in arabic, I’d be very interested in watching it. If it is a different form of propoganda, I’ll pass.


can i ask what do u mean by propaganda? have you watched aljazeera arabic before?




My hope is that by broadcasting in English, the network will be subjected to even further scrutiny and will continue on a path that leads them closer to a desire to represent truth.


Why? So they can take the videos of our American soldiers being beheaded by terrorists, and broadcast it here??? Disgusting!:mad:


My understanding is that the show in English is different than the one broadcast in Arabic


Yes I have actually. however, I didn’t understand a word of it :slight_smile:

I meant that if the show in English is different than the one in Arabic, it would be propoganda that I’m not interested in seeing. I think every country’s newsformat has an element of propoganda in it.

I’d be interested in seeing an English tranlsation of what is being broadcast in arabic. I’m not really interested in seeing an English format that differs from what is being broadcast elsewhere.


I agree with Valke. I think that it would be very interesting if it was accurately translated. It’s always good to see things through someone else’s eyes.

The problem is that translations can be touchy. Languages aren’t really on a one to one ratio so there has to be liberties taken in the best of circumstances. Some phrases will not make sense if translated litterally so then they have to be spun to reflect the new audience. It can open doors to misunderstandings.


It isn’t the same at all. But it is surprisingly good. It reminds me of BBC world news. Like the BBC world news, I like the international scope of their news. Too much of the news on in the States is focused only on the US and its interests. But I like to know what’s going on in New Zealand or Egypt or Mauritania.


Additional news sources are always a good thing. We can always choose not to pay attention to them if that is our wish. And I agree with a-cermak that Americans get little exposure to perspectives outside the U.S.

Unfortunately the availability of Al-Jazeera English is very limited in the United States. No cable television company carries it and only one satellite TV company has decided to offer it.

I have tried to get the free 52K feed (offered on its website) to work, but for some reason it doesn’t recognize that I already have Real Player installed on my computer. So I haven’t viewed Al Jazeera English. :frowning:


I have seen it. The terrorists love it. It is like having Goebbels broadcast in the US during WWII. Cynical as I am it still suprises me that we let terrorist propaganda networks operate in our country. On the other hand they hate the US as much as CNN, CBS, or anyone other then Fox.


Most American radios had shortwave and could pick up Radio Berlin back in those days.
Only difference was you had to speak German to understand the Third Reich ramblings.


Yes, I’m sure that’s exactly what it is like:rolleyes:
With friends like Fox News…


Valke2, I thank God that you still hang around here. Please don’t ever leave. You bring a sense of levity, sensibility, and delicious sarcasm to these threads.



They have a right to be here. Yet I think I might need to watch throwdown with Bobby Flay on the food channel or Iron Chef America. I think Islamic Americans will watch it. Maybe it will ecourage there continued liberality if it’s watered down.



Thank you. The key is knowing when to use and when not to use the :rolleyes:


My opinion is unprintable.
For a hint,:cool: consider the south end of a northbound bull…


Those who voted to ban it have you ever tried living in a Nazi or a Fascist State I think they would welcome you with open arms since you oppose freedom of speech. What ever happened to freedom of speech?

I am always glad not to be living in the United States as most of the population is filled with “Christian|” fanatics like Jerry Falwell.


Freedom of speech is great. I love it. How about I go to Saudi Arabia and preach the gospel on the street?


What’s wrong with Fox News?

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