Al Jazeera kids channel?

Saw this article that Al Jazeera is looking to create a kids channel in America. If it happens, don’t expect my family will be watching.

Well, good luck to them finding a market for their channel. As I recall, they spent a lot of money creating an English language news channel, and hired some high priced on air talent. However, they have been largely unable to find cable or satellite distributors in the US. And that is for content specifically created for the West.

I can’t imagine a channel aimed at children, heavily comprised of dubbed Arabic language programs will fare any better.

I would love to see the list of their sponsors!

Actually you can Al-Jazeera as a news channel here free via digital TV in many areas in the UK. I'd say it's news coverage is generally very indepth and that only the BBC rival them in that area.

Yes, I’ve heard their English language news service is quite good. Of course, during the run up to the Iraq War and when that conflict was “hot,” the Arabic language news service was widely reported to be hostile to the United States, and inaccurate in its depictions. Those reports colored many Americans’ view of al-Jazeera, and it acquired a reputation as hostile propaganda. I think that is why the English language service (which apparently presents news written and packaged in a way which is markedly different from the Arabic service) has had great difficulty getting established over here.

Recently, however, the protests and rebellions across North Africa (and Yemen) have attracted great interest in web-streaming the English language news service. In part, this is because the coverage surpassed what was available via Western reporters. But also, I think, because people were finding that al-Jazeera was presenting news which was not hostile to the US.

Nonetheless, I am not sure there will be an great groundswell to add al-Jazeera News to cable or satellite packages here in the States. I think the appeal is restricted to news wonks (such as myself), and not finding much footing in the mainstream population.

I watch al Jazeera from time to time, particularly for their Middle East coverage. Their access and sources in the region can't be beat, and their English language programs are very high-quality.

As for children's programming, I imagine their primary market would be American-born children of recent Middle East immigrants. Makes a lot of sense, when you think about it.

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