Al Pacino to Play Jack Kevorkian

Al Pacino to Play Jack Kevorkian

Jack Kevorkian assisted the suicides of at least 130 people–most of whom were not terminally ill and five of whom were not sick according to autopsies–and murdered one. He ripped out the kidneys of one of his victims after death, that of a former cop who had become quadriplegic from a gunshot wound. His ultimate goal was what he called “obitiatry,” that is, experimenting on living human beings before they were euthanized.

But none of that mattered or matters. And now, he is going to be celebrated in a puff movie based on the book by his fawning acolyte Neal Nicol–A-list mega star Al Pacino starring as Kevorkian.
From the story:

Al Pacino is in negotiations to star in “You Don’t Know Jack,” an HBO Films biopic about Dr. Jack Kevorkian that Barry Levinson will direct.

. . . . .

The film will trace his rise as he builds his infamous “Mercy Machine,” conducts his first assisted suicide, and starts a media frenzy with his epic legal battles defending a patient’s right to die.**

Well, if you’re gonna make a movie about Kevorkian I guess Pacino is who you want. I wonder how Dr. K’s victims will be portrayed? No A-list stars to portray them, of course.

Great thread!

There was a 30-minute radio show exposing this new propaganda on Relevant Radio today (5/26) - the Drew Mariani show. The guest was Wesley Smith. Here is a link -

The hollywood machine is gearing up to represent assisted suicide as “compassionate.” It is all, well developed propaganda. It is up to us to get educated on the subject and start talking to neighbors, parishioners, and friends. The propagand will be very appealing and the unwary will fall prey to it’s allure.

It is up to us to make a difference.

I haven’t seen any previews or read any scripts for this film, but just because Al Pacino is playing Jack Kervorkian, doesn’t necessarily mean he will give it a positive fluffy portrayal. A big-name actor can play a villain also. By the way, Pacino will also be playing King Herod in the film, Mary the Mother of Christ. All the acting and directing in the world can’t spin Herod into a positive character.

Also note it says that Pacino is “in negotiations” to play the part. It doesn’t mean that he is definitely going to be in it.

More leftist Hollywood nonsense. Unfortunately there is a large segment of society that eats up all the garbage served to them.

I suppose if it’s on the big screen, it must be true!

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