Al Qaeda in Syria: We will conquer America, implement sharia in Briton


British Muslim terrorists in Syria say they will fly the Al Qaeda flag over the White House and make Britain “part of the Islamic world”. The Muslim terrorists are just a handful of the tens of thousands of Muslim terrorists from around the world who have come to Syria in order to follow the Quran’s mass murdering demands.


And to think that this is who Obama was going to pal around with in his retribution efforts against Assad.
I think that America is supplying arms to the Syrian rebels, is it not?


Wow. It is really sad that people like those Al Qaeda fighters exist. I would hope and pray that they are converted to Catholicism some day.


Indeed, it literally boggles the mind who america is willing to ally with for the sake of either expanding our power or budding up to Israel.

Add these rebels to our past list of allies such as Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, and Osama Bin laden’s fighters in Afghanistan.


Yes Barack Hussein Obama’s policy has been that wherever there are Muslim terrorists trying to exterminate all non-Muslim infidels he will help them as long as they claim they are fighting for human rights and freedom. So naturally that means supporting Al Qaeda in Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Iran, Libyan Muslim terrorist rebels, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Chechen Muslim terrorist rebels, Kosovar Muslim terrorist rebels, etc…


Errr. We have sharia law in Britain, so far it is restricted to facilitate the abuse of Muslim females. It got legal status from our enlightened MP’s. They did raise introducing it nationwide but got a backlash. Next time, we may lose as they are allowing so many to emigrate here and they are working successfully on conversion. Lets face it, a faith that encourages violence and hatred and using women and children as commodities to be used, discarded and sold at a whim, is more appealing to young men who have grown up with few (if any) moral examples. Behind the so-called moderate Muslims are the real Muslims pushing to force everyone down to their depths of depravity and evil. My only consolation is the promise that the Catholic Church will withstand the very gates of hell (so we will prevail).


I remember seeing something about Sharia patrols in the United Kingdom here a while back. Apparently a group of Muslim bullies were wandering the streets attempting to enforce Sharia Law in their “Muslim neighborhoods”.


If Obama gets the chance… he will appoint two more activists to the Supreme Court and together they will run the Constitution of The United States right through the Oval Office shredder…

Obama must have been laughing to himself when he took the Presidential Oath of Office. Can you say “High Treason”…? Can you also say “Manchurian Candidate”…???

Obama is to the Oval Office what Mohammad Atta was to the cockpit of the Boeing 767.

Think about it…!!!

Taqiyya ]

They’re realizing that… Bacteria can “outrun” the labs that develop antibiotics. Now take into consideration the national and international population curve and it’s not hard to figure out that something has to give somewhere around 2025 according to compound growth curve formulas.

The attack on our World Trade Center in 2001 proved one irrefutable truth, ‘YOU CANNOT PUT ANYTHING PAST THE EVIL INTENTIONS OF MUSLIM TERRORISTS’. Now factor in the “Mad Scientist” scenario and figure it out for your self.

… and did you know that staff germs like the ones commonly invading all of our hospitals were also found 25 years ago in low cost goverment housing projects on the south side of Chicago…!


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