Al-Qaeda India branch’s first attack ends in dismal failure as jihadists 'raid wrong ship'


Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent, the new group announced last week by Ayman al-Zawahiri to bolster his flagging fortunes, suffered a setback when three of its fighters were killed and seven arrested in its first ever terror attack.

Heavily armed militants attacked a naval dock in Karachi’s sea port on Saturday night and targeted what they believed was an American aircraft carrier, but instead found a Pakistan Navy frigate and were overwhelmed before they could cause any damage, investigators said.

Three jihadis were killed in the attack, four were captured and another three arrested the following day on information from interrogations. Two Pakistan Navy guards were wounded in the fighting.

“It was a complete failure, they did not do any kind of damage, some were captured and we caught more, seven so far and may be more to come. They were well-equipped and came with the intention of taking a ship into their custody but they were caught in the initial stages,” a senior source close to the investigation told the Telegraph.

Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent, the militant group unveiled by Zawahiri last week to demonstrate his clout despite the rise of Islamic State (Isil), claimed responsibility for the attack on Thursday and said former Pakistan Navy men had carried it out.


How does one mistake a Pakistani frigate for an American aircraft carrier?


It depends on how the piers are setup. Often it is hard to tell from the street what ship is moored at which pier until you past the guard stations at the pier entrance and walk a bit more towards the pier. My guess is that is what happened.


I am grateful that they failed miserably in their evil attempt to commit a terrorist attack.


Why would an American aircraft carrier even dock in Karachi?


The survivors will really regret raiding the wrong ship during their Pakistani “debriefing.”


Now they are claiming they intended to hijack a frigate and attack a US carrier with it. Which I guess makes more sense. :shrug:

The newly-formed Indian subcontinent division of transnational terror group al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for Saturday night’s attack on a Naval dockyard in Karachi — the organisation’s first strike since its existence was made public last month. The attackers, the statement said, were former Pakistan Navy officers-turned-jihadists who were attempting to hijack a missile frigate to stage an attack on a United States aircraft carrier. The claim was made in a statement released online on Thursday — the 13th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks — by Usama Mahmood, the spokesperson for Qaidat al-Jihad fi’Shibhi al-Qarrat al-Hindiya, or al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent


Here is some background information about the Pakistani frigate which was targeted by the attackers.

In addition to a 76.2 mm calibre main gun, and anti-aircraft defenses, the frigate carries 8 anti-ship missiles. Back in 2006, two similar missiles (Chinese-made C-802) were fired by Hezbollah at an Israeli corvette. One of the missiles struck causing major damage, but the Israeli ship was able to limp home for repairs.


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