Al Qaeda splinter group claims responsibility for US embassy attack in Yemen


Al Qaeda splinter group claims responsibility for US embassy attack in Yemen

An extremist group linked to al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for a rocket attack on the US embassy in Yemen. The incident comes after Washington urged US citizens to leave the Gulf country.

The rocket landed around 200 meters from the heavily fortified embassy in the capital Sanaa on Saturday, hitting several members of the Yemeni police force who were guarding the compound. At least two were injured, authorities said.

Police told news agency Reuters that the rocket came from a M72 light anti-tank weapon fired from a car.

Also, I note, the home of the intelligence chief in Yemen was also attacked.

SANA, Yemen — Shiite Muslim rebels attacked the home of Yemen’s intelligence chief here in the capital on Saturday, residents and security officials said, showing the fragility of a power-sharing accord that has failed to halt fighting in the capital.

The Shiite rebels, known as Houthis, seized control of much of Sana last week, hours before they agreed to a cease-fire and the formation of a new “technocratic national government.” Although the details of the agreement remained vague, analysts said the Houthis’ control over the capital had made them the main power brokers in Yemen, whose political, tribal and sectarian turmoil poses risks to the world’s top oil exporter, Saudi Arabia, next door.

Apparently, there is a tentative peace agreement there.

And yet, another story:

Sanaa, Sep 27 (IANS): At least four army men were killed Saturday when suspected Al Qaeda militants attacked a military patrol in Yemen, a security official said.

“Masked gunmen in a car without licence plates opened fire randomly on the soldiers while they were stationed near a military outpost in Maifaa region in Shabwa province,” the official told Xinhua.

“We have spotted the armed men who are believed to have carried out the attack. Our troops are advancing toward them. The attackers escaped into the desert region,” the official added.


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