Al Qaeda Threatens Oil Supplies


In the ABC news today (Australian ABC), there was an item about Al Qaeda threatening our oil supply.

If you read the article you’ll also notice just how short sighted our nation has been in relation to reserve oil stocks. The US and other nations have at least built up a 3 month reserve, and started looking at other fuel sources, but we’d be struggling in a week.

Now I don’t think Al Qaeda or any other terrorist organisation by itself would have the ability to knock off Australia’s oil supply. We can buy it from elsewhere if necessary, but it would be far more expensive.

However I remember my old pastor making the statement, “Suppose you get an Arab statesman who does a bit of fence building with his mates, and gets them together. They then deliver an untimatum to the West - “Right boys, either you get Israel out of there, or we turn off the taps!”. We’d all be broke in a week!” And in Australia’s case, he’d be right.

I think it’s going to happen sooner or later. At the time we were talking, he was positing somebody like Yassir Arafat who managed to get along with most Arab leaders, while somehow managing to evade the Mossad for years. That would have taken some doing.

But Arafat was a sick man, and died some time ago. So obviously it won’t be him.

But the threat still stands.

What irritates me about our lack of national vision is that we have reams and reams of coal, but have done absolutely nothing about producing artificial fuel from those vast stocks. We haven’t even set up trial plants.

We’re so short sighted it’s not funny. * And one day we’re going to pay for it.*


Al quedia hasn’t gone away. Before the rise of ISIS, they seemed to be gaining strength.


Thanks to hydraulic fracturing and other technologies, the U.S. is producing more oil and gas than ever. In a decade we’ll be energy independent and we can tell OPEC where to go.


Nevertheless, it would be a good idea to enhance our supply of Canadian oil by building the Keystone Pipeline. But I guess Obama wants Tom Steyer’s $100 million, so we’ll have to continue to do without unless the Repubs get a supermajority in the Senate or Obama is out of office.


Yes that is always good, but this area is to sensitive. I’m not saying lets go act like tough guys, but yes this is something we ought to keep an eye in…


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