Al Qaeda urges lone wolves to target whites, to avoid 'hate crime' label


Lone wolf jihadists should target white Americans so no one mistakes their terror attacks for hate crimes unrelated to the cause of radical Islam, Al Qaeda writes in the latest edition of its online magazine.

In an article first reported by The Foreign Desk, Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) called for more self-directed Muslim terrorists to kill in America. But the article, titled “Inspire guide: Orlando operation,” tells terrorists to “avoid targeting places and crowds where minorities are generally found” because if gays or Latinos appear to be the targets, “the federal government will be the one taking full responsibility.”


There were initial reports that this is what the Orlando jihadist was doing.
Democrats, move on over.
Islamist know how to play Identity politics too.


Oh for goodness sakes. I thought Al Qaeda was smarter than that.

If they attack whites, then the reason will be attributed to a reaction against white privilege. Or to poor folks reacting to privileged folks, provoked into a rage by income inequality.

Must be very frustrating for terrorists. Put all that planning, hard work and even sacrificing their lives in the name of Islam (In the most recent case even calling 911 during the attack to clearly state their motivation) only to have it attributed to some other cause.

What will it take to convince folks that they’re doing it for Islam. Different weapon- biological/chemical/radioactive? A greater number of victims, do they need to kill significantly more than on 9/11- is the threshold 5,000 or more? Do they have to affect a greater geographical area by taking out power/water supplies over a wide area- one city, a hundred square miles, 1,000 square miles. What do they have to do to get it attributed to the motive they’re claiming?


I bet they are thanking Allah for giving them such stupid infidels to fight.:frowning:


They are trying to beat the system that the liberals put in place. There should be not hate crime designation when a terrorist attack happens.


I guess AQ knows it’s not considered a “hate crime” in the U.S. if you target people just because they’re Christians.


I know what you mean, but rest assured, this kind of thing was predicted long ago, some will just not be able to recognize things that are taking place for what they truly are, bible even talks about this, its all part of a larger deception.


I couldn’t understand the logic behind this, and then I noticed it was published by Fox News. Enough said.


Whats not to understand, seems pretty obvious and directly references it’s sources


Nah, they got the story from the Foreign Desk, which is run by Lisa Dafrati, who, in her bio, says that “In 2013, the Washington Times named Lisa one of the 30 Hottest Women in Politics.”

Maybe we should divert ourselves to pretending this is about identity politics now.


Identity politics does seem to be the new buzz phrase for every thing; so why not?


Actually, it is.

According to FBI statistics, in 2014 there were 1,140 victims of anti-religious hate crimes:

56.8 percent were victims of crimes motivated by their offenders’ anti-Jewish bias.
16.1 percent were victims of anti-Islamic (Muslim) bias.
6.2 percent were victims of bias against groups of individuals of varying religions (anti-multiple religions, group).
6.1 percent were victims of anti-Catholic bias.
2.5 percent were victims of anti-Protestant bias.
1.2 percent were victims of anti-Atheist/Agnostic bias.
11.0 percent were victims of bias against other religions


Ok, I googled the 30 hottest women in politics (mistake, yes) and you will find that this is apparently an annual event for the Washington Times. Lisa Dafrati made the list one year (shockingly, as a conservative) and then has made a point to put it into her bio everywhere she speaks.

Lady and Gentlemen, the source of this story is someone who’s singular claim to fame is running a conservative website no one has heard of and being one of the hottest women in politics in 2013. Sadly, she fell off the list in 2014, so we hope she gets hot again really soon.

No doubt Fox News did some serious fact-checking before picking this one up.

Back to the identity politics…


I guess when they don’t like message they shoot the messenger.

Try real research instead of trashing people for no reason. The 4-page report from AQAP was picked up by a few sources and then days later by Lisa Daftari.

What is also noticed. No left “US media” picked up the story.


When people don’t like the story, they find ways of dismissing it so they don’t have to feel uncomfortable coming to terms with it.
See no evil. Hear no evil.


What are we supposed to do with this information? Should I try and be less white in case Al Qaeda attacks? I’ll dismiss it because it doesn’t seem relevant to me and there is nothing I can do about it anyway. If some ****** right wing blog knows about this I’m sure the FBI and CIA are aware of it as well.


What does the ***** stand for?

There are people that have chosen the ‘be less white’ route though.
Elizabeth Warren is the most famous of these.




I didn’t realize it would be blocked out, didn’t think it was that bad since you can say it on TV/radio. I’ll give the definition…

vulgar slang
of extremely poor quality.



I’m not sure the article is real. I have no reason not to believe the radical islamic people, I can’t think of one. In fact I believe them more than I believe Obama and Hillary. :wink:

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