Alabama Ccrrections officer murdered over a food tray


Correctional Officer Kenneth Bettis succumbed to stab wounds sustained on September 1st, 2016, when he was attacked by an inmate at the William C. Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore, Alabama.

The inmate attacked and stabbed Officer Bettis in retaliation for being denied an extra food tray during the prison’s lunch service.

Officer Bettis was flown to the University of South Alabama Hospital where he remained until succumbing to the stab wounds.

The inmate, who had been serving a 20 year sentence for robbery, was charged with murder of Officer Bettis’ death.

Officer Bettis was a combat veteran of the Alabama Army National Guard

A reminder of the horrors that those in Law enforcement have to face and what I can only call the demonic deprevation of heart that is found in our prisons. Murdered for not giving the prisoner a extra tray. Please pray for the heroic law enforcement officers who keep these sociopaths locked up.


May he rest in peace, and the God of all comfort be with grieving family and friends. How horrifying.


Have to wonder what pushes a person convicted of robbery to murder someone over such a trivial thing?!


People often become worse in prison; this has been seen for years.



US has more prisoners per population than almost any other country. What does this say about America and its cultural climate?


Well, prison is a difficult place to be in. Can mess you up psychologically and make you worse. :confused:


There is an English saying. “If you can’t do the time. don’t do the crime.”

A hard place to work and prayers for his family and co workers


Yes… nobody is denying that


Why is black on black crime so “severe”?

Incidence is at least ten times higher than white on white crime.


Probably due to the draconian sentences served in cages you wouldn’t put a dog in


Dogs don’t rob banks, sell drugs, murder other dogs or molest puppies.


I agree. My cousin though spent 6 years in a prison after selling narcotics to anyone including youth and w hen he came out “clean” without drugs in his system was a new person.

Lucky for him there was a family concrete business he could work and make a living at and many don’t have that opportunity.


I mean that isn’t really good enough if prison is going to make people worse mentally and in their behaviour than when they went in. Unless of course you feel that the purpose of prison is to punish people even to the detriment of society and the individual who is in prison.

“Hey, prisons are turning robbers into murderers, but at least they’re suffering while it happens!”


Have you met many felons?

I’ve met quite a few when helping at a half-way house and a noticeable % have severe anger management issues. Even the smallest thing can set them off if they are having a bad day. Their room has zero involvement.


I think prisons should retain a level of ‘scariness’/remain a bad place to live in (basically it should not be fun) but at the same time it should focus on rehabilitating the prisoners, especially those who are convicted for theft, drugs etc, instead of strictly punishing them


Likely the same thing that caused them to commit a crime to begin with.


Prison is meant to segregate people from the rest of society for its safety. Prison has people that are murderers, rapists, theives. What do you propose to do with them? Let them wander freely in society?

Rehabilitation is not possible for everyone. Nor is it possible to educate some people. Some people lack morals, and that is a real problem. They lack empathy or remorse.


Yes, we have sociopaths and psychopaths in prisons that are not safe to be in society.
Prison should be your due punishment for your crime. I believe rehabilitation works mainly with addicted prisoners from a friend that works in the prison system.

Trying to rehabilitate a psycho/sociopath he thought (In his opinion) was impossible and was actually horrified when some people were released on parole.


Some people are just plain violent.

There are television programs that interview prisoners … and these guys are just plain violent.


The saying still applies. No one forces them to commit crimes and they know where they will be going … I said nothing re suffering etc, If I committed a crime and got caught I would expect prison and all its horrors so I do not commit crimes. And if fewer did so the prisons would be better places. PS how come he had a knife anyways?

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