Alabama police arrest peaceful Pro Life demonstrators

Despite being an appalling story, every cloud has a silver lining. You’d think the Birmingham police would know that the more you repress an idea, the more power the idea must have. This is especially true for the target audience, high school age children, of this demonstration.

I’m sure I am not the only one to see a parallel between these people and Martin Luther King… Too bad the group wasn’t bigger.

Wasn’t there a thread-poll asking when the persecution of Christianity(Catholicism)would begin?Looks to me like it already has.

A sad step backwards for Birmingham.

If they were passing out literature educating the students about the advantages of artificial birth control, would you still be upset about this violation of their civil rights?

I think we’d always be sad about an arrest with no ground. If they were on public property, then are they not allowed to hand out literature?

The protesters were gathered in the area where school buses load and unload. The principal of the school asked the protesters leave and they refused.

Personally, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people who use those disgusting posters of aborted fetuses to assault others, especially high school students who can’t avoid looking at them.

As to whether the school bus loading zone is considered a public sidewalk, I guess we will have to wait and see.

Oh, why is that? Too much reality for you? Or perhaps you don’t think their opinion of abortion should be based on what it really is? You refer to those posters as disgusting. It’s abortion thats disgusting. You should be clear on that.


The posters are counter-productive. They are gory and make people angry at the protesters, and the pro-life cause. Certainly they are the wrong tactic at a school.

Can’t agree. How did you come to believe the truth was counter productive? Those angry people, are angry because they are forced to face the truth. By the way, kids see and act out far worse with video games and slasher movies.

It’s a shame that the pro-life movement has to take on the guise of a counter culture movement.(culture of death) But, that seems to be where we stand.


so what comes around comes around…a brief flicker thru the civil rights struggle of the 50s and 60s…shows this.its demoncrat party territory…peaceful demonstrators for maybe obtaining the right to sit anywhere on a public bus…or enter a restaurant inspite of a ‘whites only’ sign etc.were met by the fathers of these police thugs! In 1966 Dr.King found there were some 3 million blacks not registered down in the ‘defeated’ south land…he tried to get them to register into the republican party and was shot and killed in '68 for his blessed crusade. The solid south is still solid…rock solid,unfeeling,cold and all vote in a block. May God have mercy on America as we head into the winds of chaos and anarchy encouraged by the powers that be so they can impose military rule over us…peace,peace at any price…maybe for lent I will give up writing letters to my local paper and just hide and shake in cowardice.

I can’t speak for everyone, nor do I know if they work in most cases, but those pictures are what changed my mind several years ago. I was fairly socially liberal at the time and considered abortion some kind of fundamental right. Seeing the aborted babies changed my mind.

This is excessive. It might be observed that Southerners think the very same thing of Northeasterners. Some police went over the edge in Birmingham, and that’s a fact. But Southerners, by and large, voted against the most abortion-promoting president in history. Northeasterners voted how on that? And how many prolife senators and representatives do they send to Washington?

In case you were unaware, an abortion results in a dead baby. I think most people are unaware.

While i might agree that handing out the literature at a school is not the best way of approaching this the pictures themselves are disturbing only insomuch as they reveal a fundamentally more disturbed society which would like to pretend that abortion is merely a ‘cosmetic’ process intended to save women ‘trouble’.

Did they just show up on school grounds? I don’t think that’s allowed.

Regardless, that was pretty badly handled by the police.

They were on the public sidewalk. This is allowed in any city in the USA.

I am shocked.
Maybe not…

I’m all FOR anything that exposes abortion for what it really is, whether it be literature, photos, etc. SOMEONE has to do it. The media refuses, politicians refuse to do it, schools refuse to do it, and so do parents.

Young people aren’t going to be convinced of the atrocity of abortion until they see it with their own eyes…and this scares the *%#@ out of the abortion industry and liberals.

Little by little, clinic by clinic, the dirty secrets of abortion are being made known.

Kudos to these and all demonstrators who expose the lies and present the truth.

Right on. And now with 4-D we can compare the bodies of the mutilated children next to the live appearance of children the same age.

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