Alabama Sheriff Has Scripture Decal Affixed to County Patrol Vehicles

Houston County Sheriff Donald Valenza said his “strong beliefs” inspired him to purchase a biblical-focused decal for the back of his department’s patrol vehicles.

“I’ve always had religious belief, and I feel like that’s kept me alive,” he told the Dothan Eagle. “It symbolizes the Houston County Sheriff’s Office.”

The decal, which cost $1.60 each, quotes Matthew 5:9: “Blessed are the peacemakers.”

Hopefully, they will not force him to remove it! God bless him for what he does!

I will be curious how this will go. If a Muslim was elected and decided to post the tenets on Sharia Law on his vehicles, I can imagine the headlines.

On the other hand, a quote from someone like George Orwell, might be accepted, so without the actual Biblical referencing, it might fly as a common reference from literature.

This is not in our county, but it is not far from us.

The decal only quotes “Blessed are the peacemakers,” without identifying the source. Those of us who know the Bible will obviously immediately identify the source, but to anyone else it might be just a “nice idea.”

Of course our spiritual enemies are going to fight anything that even looks like it might have come from the Bible. It will be interesting to see how this ends.

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