Alan Dershowitz: Why I Will Leave Democratic Pary If Keith Ellison Is Elected DNC Chairman

Alan Dershowitz: Why I Will Leave Democratic Pary If Keith Ellison Is Elected DNC Chairman

I will become an independent, continuing to vote for the best candidates, most of whom, I assume, will still be Democrats.


Yes, very independent.

I’ve heard Dershowitz recently on CNN and honestly have had to ask myself if he has already left the Democratic Party and has become somewhat of a Trump supporter.

Ellison as a state legislator, congressional candidate, and member of the US House worked across lines of religion, ethnicity, and race. In 2007 then–Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and top State Department officials invited him to assist public diplomacy efforts in the Middle East.

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers and a firm supporter of Israel who supported Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination when Ellison was backing Bernie Sanders—defended the congressman, emphatically: “Keith Ellison is no anti-Semite and it is maddening when anyone who doesn’t know him or his record makes that ugly accusation. Keith is an agent of change—a fierce fighter for working folk and someone who understands that one has to both fight against bigotry and hate.”

Offering the clear-eyed assessment of one who knows Keith Ellison well, Randi Weingarten concluded her defense of the congressman by observing: “There’s a lot of anti-Semitism and Islamaphobia in the world. Don’t pretend it exists in Keith Ellison’s heart or soul.”

The pro-Israel group J Street joined in the defense of Ellison.

Attempts to paint Representative Ellison as anti-Israel or anti-Semitic aid a concerted and transparent smear campaign driven by those whose true objections may be to the Congressman’s religion, strong support for the two-state solution and/or concern for Palestinian rights. These opponents seek to unearth the slightest inartful statements from decades in public life, take them out of context and use them as a weapon to silence responsible and important voices like Representative Ellison’s,” reads a detailed statement from the group.

Their charges [against Ellison] often have little to do with meaningful debate over whether particular policies advance Israel’s security and future,” adds the latest J Street statement. “Indeed, Rep. Ellison has been criticized for taking positions, on Iran, Gaza and other issues that are perfectly consistent with the views of the majority of American Jews and many in the Israeli security establishment.”

The group adds that “Representative Ellison is and has long been a friend of Israel, a champion of pro-Israel, pro-peace policies and an admirable elected official whose thoughtful and considered leadership has shown deep respect for Jewish values and the Jewish people.”

Ellison, the first Muslim elected to the US House of Representatives, has from the start of his decade-long career on the national stage welcomed scrutiny, offered to address “legitimate concerns in the Jewish community” and explained that “I have a deep and personal aversion to anti-Semitism regardless of its source.” He has even criticized himself, acknowledging in 2006 that as a young man he had “wrongly dismissed concerns that [comments by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan] were anti-Semitic. They were and are anti-Semitic, and I should have come to that conclusion earlier than I did.”

Shortly after the congressman announced his bid for the DNC post—with support from Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren—one of the first groups to endorse Ellison was Bend the Arc Jewish Action.

“Representative Keith Ellison is an extraordinary leader and one of our closest allies in Congress,” said Bend the Arc Jewish Action CEO Stosh Cotler.

Ellison pointed to his backing from 300 rabbis and Jewish leaders. “I have a long, strong history of interfaith dialogue and that’s why, in my own community, I have support from the Jewish community,” he said.

Keith Ellison is a bigot.

Doesn’t it bother you to engage in name-calling with no supporting evidence whatsoever? Or are you just expressing your personal opinion?

I’ve been asking the same thing lately!

No it doesn’t. I don’t consider it name-calling. There is plenty of evidence.

Same here.

Keith Ellison’s long association with Louis Farrakhan’s violent Nation of Islam should be troubling to any sober person. The fact that he could be chosen to lead the Democratic party is an indication of how far afield that party has gone. In the past, when the Democrats went too far Left, they came back to the center to win again. Today, they seem to be getting ever more violent and extreme.

The Democrats are heading far left. I think that’s pretty obvious just watching attack ads on moderate Republican candidates in many States. I keep saying it, if things don’t change, in a decade or so, people like Mark Kirk or John Kasich will be labeled as dangerous extremists.

None of which you choose to cite. Perhaps because you are not sure it will bear scrutiny?

Do you have evidence that Ellison has adopted violent views from Farrakhan? Or you consider talking to Farrakan as a human being is damning enough?

Please let it be Ellison. And please let the DLC double down on the identity politics. It will ensure Trump in 2020. And then them crazy Dems still not learning their lessons from the previous 2 election cycles will continue to do the same plays with more fervor and by 2024 elevate Trump to King of the MURICAs. :rotfl:

One does have to wonder what the democrats are thinking by potentially electing a left-wing militant. The left has already driven enough historically democrat working-class voters to elect Trump; what do they they think will happen if they turn the party into one of far-left causes that doesn’t care about “white” America? There were loud shouts concerning a new head of the DNC saying that it was time “that white people weren’t in charge anymore.” The house, senate, white house and three quarters of state legislatures and governorships are republican. If the dems continue on this path, they will become extinct between New England and the left coast. God bless the electoral college.

I can’t say that the pro-Ellison people provided much supporting evidence either. They said their opinions, “I don’t think he’s anti-Semitic,” but no hard facts.

ISTM that if saying something negative requires evidence, so does saying something positive.

I don’t expect a lot of changes. This news just broke:

Democrats voted down a measure that would have reinstituted a ban on corporate lobbyists donating to the DNC. The measure was instituted by former President Barack Obama but quietly lifted by former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz ahead of Hillary Clinton’s presidential run.

After spirited debate, Democrats decided against reinstituting the ban. They feared it would limit donations from liberal activist groups at a time when the party is in the throes of a massive rebuilding projects.

Of course. Political parties aren’t going to turn down cash donations.

The problem with progressives is that they continue to progress to extremes with no underlying basic principles to guide them. They have already abandoned baseball and Chevrolet. Look for a ban on apple pie next. Moms and children have also been relegated to being supported by taxpayers rather than by their husbands and fathers.

Do you remember the old Superman television show that supported “truth, justice, and the American way”? They have already progressed beyond those values.

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