Why do these colleges have to be so politically correct…especially if they are CATHOLIC??? PC is a lie from the father of lies…SATAN. Please pray that the leaders in these schools wake up and maybe even the whole church and stop the craziness with the political correctness:

I think the problem is a loss of Catholic identity. The good thing is that the Bishops are stepping forward and demanding a return to their Catholic identity or they will be stripped of it! Way to go Bishops!!!

I am going to go out on a limb here simply because I humbly believe its all related.

You cant even go to a mass these days with out seeing alter girls, extra ordinary Eucharistic Ministers for every mass, female readers, holding hands, people throwing up the orans posture, raising their hands up etc…

These things are not Roman Catholic and going to mass these days is more like going to a Penticostal church service so it comes to no surprise for me to hear about homosexual activities at the colleges and universities.

One of the best Catholic Universities Notre Dame let Obama speak his words of wisdom.(sarcasim).

Its a mess.

Pollitical correctness is a way to allow the ways of the world to corrupt moral teachings.


I agree with you 100%.

Sunday before last when I went to mass there was a woman every bit of 6 feet i.e. she stood above the crowd one couldnt miss her. sitting
three rows from the front. She had her hands up in the air above her ears a major missinterpretation of the orans posture I suspect Then she goes to communion in the line that leads to the extra ordinary ministers with her arms crossed !?!?

You see these crazy gestures/things people have instituted into the mass Then when done long enough the church turns around and says well its ok to do but for those who choose not to well thats ok too.

Same thing with alter girls since there were no technical rules against it they allowed it
if you know the definition of what an acolyte is then you would know its rather silly for a female to be an alter server. Theres a reason they dress up like the preist.

:frowning: :mad:

Thanks for the link!

there is nothing to be alarmed of if you knew your bible well,
what is to be alarmed of are people that focus on people who does break loose from the vine of Catholic faith, the things of evil deeds of harlotry such were deceptions are an open gates, fully being aware of the coming serpents before and after you who stand guard and watch and ready to devour its prey… this people must be in constant watch by catholic faithful, for in every aspects of Christ work, through Peter and the disciples there will always be with the likes of the pharisee who will not hesitate to take any chance in the seat of moses… this are the new converts of religious ideology… “this are the most alarming” prey… in the midst of catholic graces… a home is not a home and a house is not a house if respect is not in our midst. be on guard and be on watch…

These people make want to EXPLODE!!!

I’m assuming you are referring, among other things, to Kathleen Sibelius speaking at Georgetown. This in many ways is even more alarming than Obama speaking at Notre Dame because Sibelius calls herself a Catholic and yet promotes contraception and abortion constantly. She was a great supporter of the late George Tiller, who was the most notorius practitioner of partial birth abortion.

I agree that this is very alarming, but I see a silver lining in these kinds of situations. It is the same as when the healthcare mandate came down saying Catholic institutions have to provide contraception to their employees. This is a huge wake up call to the evil that has invaded our country and even our Church and the fact that Catholics must stand up to it. We cannot just go on living our lives and pretending everything is going to work out. We need to do something. The Bishops have really woken up to this fact, and I, for one, could not be happier. Millions of souls are at stake, and we will be responsible if we don’t at least try to do something to save them.

I attend a Sunday Mass where one of our main celebrants is a Jesuit and a graduate of Georgetown. He says that his hope is that Cardinal Wuerl will call for an interdiction of Georgetown, which would mean the banning of all Masses and Sacraments at Georgetown because they are in direct violation of the Church. I can’t think of any greater wake-up call than that.

Let’s all pray for that!!! It would be an AWESOME wake up call indeed!!!

Great post! Thanks! :slight_smile:

I think the problem with Catholicism is that we are not praying enough, not attending holy adoration hours enough and above all not reciting the holy rosary enough. We need to pray more but we do waste time and have little left for prayer. This is of course a generalization for there are many who pray. Still there is need for more

God bless.


maybe they have never heard of caatholic social justice reum noverum etc…


I could not agree more! :thumbsup:

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