Alaska Governor gives birth to a Down syndrome child despite abortion supporters

God bless their entire family. Their example of respect for all life hopefully will reach the hearts of everyone.

I have to say though, their family selects unusual names for their children but it definitely works, because they are greatly loved by their parents!

I had no idea that 80% of all pregnancy in which the mother discovers that she has a Down Syndrome Child end in abortion.:frowning:

More reasons to pray aren’t there?

I have read great things about this woman govenor.

And over 10% don’t even have down syndrome.

i saw law and order the other night. where they stated the same thing.

Check this site out for more info:

It is a nice change in stories. i have a soft spot for Downs since my sis is severe and profound. This childs life is valueable and has a purpose one of them is to touch the people around him and teach them about Gods love.

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