Alawites of Syria

Alawites of Syria believe in Holy Trinity, which is proof their ancestors were Christians, perhaps forced converted to Islam by Caliph Umar Al Khattab’s Arab Islamic Sunni armies.

They confess a Trinity of Father, Son, and Spirit. ALLAH is the Father, and ALI is the Son, and Fatimah is the Spirit. ALI was crucified on Good Friday ( Eid Il Adha ) and he resurrected on Easter Sunday (three days from Eid il Adha.

This is greatest theological proof Trinity is acceptable to Muslims.

I’m not sure this is proof of a belief in the Trinity as Christians preach & teach it.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Ali Mohammed’s brother in law, and Fatima(h) either Mohammed’s daughter or his youngest wife?

This is like a Christian saying the Trinity is of God, Jesus & Mary… without admitting that Jesus is God also!!

And that is the problem with Islam, and proves that the koran (or however you wish to spell it) is a false witness since Mohammed fundamentally misunderstood the Trinity and interpreted as three entities somehow splodged together!

So, yes, it’s a trinity, Jim, but not as we know it!

But Ali could be a euphism for Jesus Christ and Fatimah another euphism for Holy Spirit. Alawites suffered persecution under Sunni rule of the Ottoman Empire and had to give up their Nestorian Syrian identity and become crypto-Christians.

Ali is Mohammed’s son-in-law, and husband of Fatimah, Mohammed’s daughter. Shias follow Ali, while Sunnis follow Aisha, the youngest wife of Mohammed, who poisoned the prophet, and afterwards handed the throne of Islam (caliphate) to her father Abu Bakar, the first Sunni leader. Shias reject this and insist Ali is the rightful heir. Much like Nestorians, Monophysites and Melchites fighting over the Bishopic (episcopate).

Yes, a “Trinity” which is made up of God, Jesus, and Mary is a heresy! For even the Bible declares Trinity is “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit”. All three persons are God. Father is the creator, while Son is Humankind (neighbourhood), and Holy Spirit is the brotherhood (Church). Thus, Vatican is DIVINE.

Yes, the Koran is a heresy. Islam is divided into two main groups Sunnis and Shias. But they are other groups too, like Alawites, Druse, Ismaili, Ahmadi, Nation Of Islam, and Rashad Khalifa Movement.

If Mohammed misunderstood a very simple doctrine as Trinity, then I cannot see why Protestants also misunderstand Trinity by their multiple secretarian “churches”. :smiley:

I think you’re seeking to impose religious beliefs upon a religion that simply does not support such beliefs…as Christians we may have Abraham as our spiritual ancestor…along with Jews…but the theology of all three are vastly different from one another.

I think your conclusion is quite a stretch.:slight_smile:

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