I am trying to find somewhere where I can purchase the “surplice-style alb”. I mean…the albs that have no collar to them, just a square cut.

I know that most of the liturgical clothing stores near the vatican sell them i.e. Gammarelli, Euro Clero, etc., but I would prefer to buy one in the United States.

Does anyone have any suggestions, please??


Not finding square neck, but am finding some traditional tie-closed albs.

wait, found one:
They actually have several… starting at $150 and going up to the $800 range.

And another:
about $155

The House of Hansen is an EXCELENT place to buy vestments, albs, cassocks, surplices, etc…
My Bishop, Vicar General, many good priests I know, (and me), have ordered surplices, vestments, and other things from The House of Hansen, and have all liked the quality.

I would highly recommended them.

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