Today , the priest at my church didn’t wear an alb. Is this okay? He is an army chaplin so you could see his uniform.

maybe he forgot to bring the proper vestments

In short, no, priests are to wear the proper vestments (alb, cincture, stole, chasuble [amice and maniple as needed]) ref:{GIRM 119,209,337; RS 122-224; CIC 929}

In the field (ie not on base) I would be surprised if there wasn’t an exception. On base the priest ought to have vestments, although we all sometimes make mistakes.

Not really. The vestry is filled with vestments.

Was it his parish? I am 6’2" and if I forgot to bring an alb to a parish where the pastor is 5’7" I’m simply not going to fit into his alb and vice versa…

Many (if not most) parishes that I’ve seen have a couple extra albs (which may sometimes be a bit weather-beaten or even threadbare, meaning not brand-new) in varying sizes in the sacristy closet, precisely for the use of guest clergy. The same is true for surplices, (well, at least it used to be, when surplices were commonly worn).

Yeah the priest is going to be with us until he leaves for Afghanistan.

Must be regional. I’ve yet to be at a parish that has extra albs of varying sizes except for the ones the altar servers wear. We expect priests to bring their own around here.

I don’t know about the “regional” part since I’m familiar with the Mid-Atlantic, New England, and part of the Mid-west. In any case I’m not talking about having “Marshall’s back room” in the sacristy: I just mean 2 or 3 extras (often left-over from previously assigned priests or deacons).

The “bring your own” is the norm, I’ll grant that, but sometimes it happens that a guy just plain forgets. Or, he might be a visitor (on vacation) who asked (or was asked) to fill-in for one or two Masses.

There are several in the closet in our sacristy so it looks as though previous pastors have left theirs behind. We are not as well stocked with chasubles.

Perhaps in New England we’re just unable to let go of things so we never leave them behind.
I keep a spare alb perfectly folded in a small case in my trunk just in case. :smiley:

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