Albuquerque police apprehend, charge woman in violent attack on pro-life activists

Albuquerque police apprehend, charge woman in violent attack on pro-life activists
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ALBUQUERQUE, NM — An Albuquerque woman who violently attacked peaceful pro-life activists outside a late-term abortion clinic on Tuesday has been apprehended by Albuquerque Police and charged with one count of battery and one count of aggravated battery. Police have not yet released her name.

“I received a call from the Assistant Police Chief, and was informed as to the status of the investigation,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “After that discussion, I was impressed at the professionalism of the Albuquerque Police and their commitment to stop violence like this in their community. We have been guaranteed that the woman will face a judge and be held accountable for her actions. We really appreciate the hard work they are doing to keep everyone safe.”

Activist Bud Shaver, a former Operation Rescue intern who is now with Project Defending Life emphasized that the pro- lifers did nothing to provoke the woman’s attack. “She was driving by, noticed the protest, and parked her car so she could have words with them. What started as a dialogue quickly turned ugly,” he said.

“She just started escalating into throwing punches with her fist and she had keys in her hands,” Shaver said. “There was nothing we could do, the only thing we could do was withstand the blows.”

The police say that they fielded a large number of calls and e-mails concerning this incident.

“We want to thank everyone who called and wrote to the police. Your efforts really made an impression, and today, everyone is more aware of the violence suffered by pro-life activists,” added Newman. “The police diligently worked to apprehend the perpetrator and she is being charged. Now we encourage everyone to call and thank the police department for being so attentive to our concerns, and pray that this obviously troubled woman gets the help she needs.”

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You know what is so ridiculous is the fact that pro-abortion groups claim that pro-lifers are violent. Well, the fact is that the pro-abortion people are the most violent. After all, they are brutally murdering babies by the thousands every year.

Also, we have examples such as this where a pro-abortion person attacked a pro-life protester or a group of them. This happens more often than the mainstream media would have you believe. You can learn more about it here:


Fascists! Ugh…

Agree! They certainly tend to be more physical. Our group is aware of a pickup truck that drives by us every Saturday at our normal protest time and moves to the far right hand lane (to get as close as possible to the sidewalk.) His tactic is to slow down, then quickly gun his engine so that we’re showered with particles of gravel. We’ve been told that until his actions escalate, nothing can really be done.

Here’s the video of this vicious attack.

May God ease the pain the attacker is obviously feeling.

I will pray for his conversion!

Its most unfortunate that people on both sides have to resort to violent acts to get their point across.

However, we must keep in mind that the pro-abortion side is rooted in violence.

Perhaps, but–as I"m sure you’ll agree – violence from any side of any type is totally unacceptable.

Yes. And there really is not a ‘pro-abortion’ faction. That’s just used as a pejorative.

Did you read the news item? ‘Peaceful’ demonstrators subjected to a ‘violent’ attack? That sounds highly partisan to me.

Given the source (LifeSiteNews) I’d tend to agree with you on that point; I think its natural for each side to put their “spin” on it to make the biggest impact on the public. On this particular issue, both sides have very strong convictions on who is right and who is wrong.

Nonetheless its one thing to peacefully protest or have differing opinions, but when it resorts to violence or intimidation of any type, I feel that is unacceptable.

There is no perhaps about it. The pro-abortion side aids and abets the slaughter of 1.2 million children year. yes violence on either side is unacceptable. But let’s make it clear that one side is grounded in protecting human life and the other side is grounded in killing it. . There is absolutely no moral equivalence between those who support abortion and those who oppose.

No pro-abortion faction? Have you read the platform of the Democrat Party . Hane you heard of NARL? Emilys List?

Did you read the news item? ‘Peaceful’ demonstrators subjected to a ‘violent’ attack? That sounds highly partisan to me.

There is a video of this incident, which clearly shows a violent attacks on peaceful protesters.

I viewed the video; to me it seems more of a scuffle then anything else. Its alledged that a “key” was used as a weapon but upon reviewing the tape, its hard to determine if it was a key was used or not. When someone says that it was violent act, to me that would indicate a weapon such as a bat, pipe, knife, gun, etc was used. The video doesn’t show much contact at all.

Shoving, slapping, punching, while technically is a violent act, I don’t think its as serious as using a weapon that can inflict serious bodily harm. Otherwise the perp most likely would have been charged with assualt with a deadly weapon.

Again, let me reiterate, any physical act or act of intimidation is wrong and not to be condoned.

Meanwhile a few feet away children are being chopped into little peices and thrown out with the garbage -is that a violent act?


But this thread is not about that; rather its about a demonstration involving an alledged assualt.

You know, those folks are primarily pro abortion rights. They are not out pushing abortions. ‘Pro abortion’ is just a handy slur.

Ah yes the continuous semantics game by those trying to defend the indefensible.


Good one “ebob”!:thumbsup::cool::thumbsup: I call it antics with semantics:) Lol.

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