Alcohol Addiction


There is no patented release. It’s not a One cure fits all disease. For example . I was a falling down drunk , ruined and lost my family , and there’s is no sorrier words than, " what might have been." I had quite a few times but like other times , I fell into the same, " One won’t hurt me pit." I’m a firm believer in St. Monica and can relate to St. Augustine’s Answer to God. I"ll quite Lord, but not just now. " I can tell you this , when I finally quit over 26 years ago after an adult life of drunkeness , I got my own Brainstorm. I said, " I have to quit both, Cigarettes and alcohol at the same time. I don’t know about others , but if I had a beer , I had to have a cigarette and vice-versa. Of course , I couldn’t do a thing without God , so his house was my first stop . I didn’t use AA though I don’t criticize those that use it or hypnosis . But thanks be to God, I’ve been clear for over 26 years , though late and though my kids are all grown , I still did it in time to take care of my Grandkids. Make no mistake. You’re not doing anything without God and His blessed Mother . She’s your intercession and your favorite prayer to her Son . My Prayers are with you all that are trying , and rest assured , unlike the many things I know nothing about, I DO know what you’re going through. Better still , ask God to save you for your family . So you don’t wake up as I did at 70 some years old and say once again : If only …


What an inspirational recovery! I’m so glad you are now able to be an inspiration to your grandchildren! May you and those you love enjoy much spiritual love and joy!


Thank You . I appreciate your prayer and your understanding …


Yes, thank you. I rarely drink but when I do I tend to overdo it just a bit. If I didn’t have another drink in my entire life I wouldn’t care yet I’m not sure I’ll ever quit cigarettes even though I can go without them too. I don’t find either physically addicting more than mentally. The two times I’ve found I was drinking too often I simply gave it up for lent and that was that.


I could easily give up beer . . . but how would I get my hops without it??? (I am toying with brewing an extremely light beer base to heavily hop . . . )

And I’d probably drink huge quants of heavy red wine if it came without or with minimal alcohol . . .



I like beer. If I couldn’t have Beer I’d be sad… I’m lactose intolerant so there are few food options :slightly_frowning_face:


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