Alcohol and NFP

I was curious if other couples who use some form of NFP might chime in here with thoughts. Do you (the wife) abstain from alcohol during the bulk of the month outside of your period? My thought or concern is that there is a tiny risk that I could misread my body and become pregnant and I have been worrying about unintended alcohol exposure to a potential child. Thoughts or recommendations?

A lot of people in every place throughout history drink alcohol before they know they are pregnant, stop when they find out, and the baby is fine. Unless a woman is drinking heavily, there probably isn’t much risk to the baby or else we would see a lot more kids with fetal alcohol syndrome. Since we can’t give medical advice on the forums, ask your OBGYN if he or she has any information on how risky it might be to accidentally have a beer or glass of wine before discovering you are pregnant.

If NFP is used properly, it is highly effective at avoiding pregnancy. If you are avoiding pregnancy and concerned about reading signs to the point where you feel you need to act as if you think you could be pregnant every month, definitely find an instructor for further tutoring to help ease your mind.

I just didn’t bother to drink alcohol at all after I got married and until the kids were into school. I always had the thought in the back of my mind that I had to be ready to rush them to hospital at any given moment or something. A small amount of alcohol is not likely to damage a new unplanned pregnancy. The problem would be with excessive use.

If you are worried, why not just give it up until you’ve done with having children? It’s not that necessary in the grand scheme.

Sadly, I know too many Catholics who see nothing wrong with drinking while pregnant, let alone not drinking just in case.

I drink when I want unless I have good reason to suspect I am pregnant. Of course, that’s still only one or two drinks a week so my caffeine consumption would be a far greater concern.

Before I realized I was pregnant with my oldest, I had drunk a good bit one night. The doctor had no concerns about that.

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