Alex Baldwin married in catholic church

Baldwin, 54, and Hilaria Thomas, 28, married at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in a Catholic ceremony performed by the Rev. George Deas.

I’m at a loss for anything else to say.

Is there some reason they shouldn’t be married? Dunno, but it seems to me like the same rules should apply to him as to everyone else.

Perhaps he obtained an annulment from his previouse marriage to Kim.

With a daughter:confused:

Anyway I feel sorry for his bride – he is a complete nut case.

I’m confused, what does the daughter have to do with him being able to marry in the Church?

Having children or not has nothing to do with the Church declaring a marriage null.

Perhaps his marriage to Kim wasn’t recognized as a valid marriage in the first place.

Holmes(a catholic) converted to Scientology before marrying Tom Cruise.

Newt Gingrinch married and is now a Catholic.

You can still get an annulment after having a child. That’s not an issue.

And NO it does not retroactivly make that kid the child of an unmarried couple.

I assume people are upset because he’s a sinner. If being a sinner was an obstacle to marrying in the Church, I wouldn’t be married either. Baldwin just happens to be a sinner who has had some of his sins broadcast across our media. If the priest agreed to perform the ceremony, we must assume both were free to marry in the Church. I’m not saying I would love to be friends with the guy, but from all appearances, he was as free as anyone else to marry in the Church.

In the video of Alex Baldwin attacking the paparazzo, he made a grotesque statement about Priests. :frowning:

Alec Baldwin 'meets church conditions for wedding’

Alec Baldwin had to meet a list of requirements before he was given permission to marry in a Catholic church.

The Hollywood actor and Hilaria Thomas are planning to wed at the Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in New York City.

Alec - who proposed to 28-year-old yoga instructor Hilaria in April - finalised his divorce from Kim Basinger in 2002.

The Catholic church has a list of “conditions and requirements” that Alec and Hilaria have to fulfil before walking down the aisle - due to his divorced status.

According to the New York Daily News, the church requires those who have been wed before to disclose details of previous nuptials.

Alec and Hilaria were also reportedly required to complete a “marriage preparation course” and then meet with one of the parish’s priests, so that a “pre-matrimonial investigation could be conducted”.

The publication also claimed that they had to “obtain from the Parish offices a booklet entitled Together for Life”.

A source revealed to the site that St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral’s “conditions have been met.”

It was previously reported that Alec was poised to wed Hilaria in Europe after wrapping up shooting on a documentary at the Cannes Film Festival.

Sources claimed the star was planning his nuptials when the prestigious film festival drew to a close, however, this plan never materialised.

Where they get this info, I do not know.

I don’t see what the big deal is. I know he was raised Catholic. He had been civilly married once, but obviously that marriage was declared null or he would not have been able to marry in the Church this time. Do I think he’s kind of a jerk? Oh yes. Is he a sinner? Yes, and so is everyone I know. Why is it problematic that he married in the Church?

For the life of me I can’t figure that out either.

I’m pretty sure he didn’t marry Kim Basinger in the Church, so he probably had a lack of form declared for that marriage. His new wife has never been married.

I’m happy for him and wish he and his new wife many happy years together. I was pleasantly surprised to hear he married in the Church. He’s committed a lot of sins and made a lot of mistakes, but no one knows the state of his soul. For all we know, he spent yesterday morning in the Confessional. We should be happy that he hasn’t added the sin of marrying outside the Church, when he could have easily done that. Most celebrity Catholics don’t even bother with the Church because it’s easier for them to just “do their own thing.” I’m also happy he appears to have a good relationship with his daughter now and she seems to have forgiven him. If she has, so can we.

Me too. This is the problem that arises when celebrities are used as a barometer for who does and doesn’t deserve to receive the sacraments. I think we should give the priest the benefit of the doubt that he determined that Alec met all the requirements to be married in the Catholic Church.

I agree. I am happy that he put importance on getting married in the Church this time, which he obviously didn’t do the first time. As Hollywood weddings go, this is waaaaaay down on the scandal list.

Hilaria’s Wedding.

But can it work?

Luke 18:27 And He said, “What is impossible for human beings is possible for God.”

then again …

Matt 4:7 Jesus answered him, “Again it is written, ‘You shall not put the Lord, your God,
to the test.’”

Maybe it will be a good thing. It doesn’t unscramble the broken eggs of the past - but since I don’t know the particulars, I can hope Alex is coming around.

Marrying someone is much better than just living with them. Marrying in the sight of GOD is supposed to be good (and the Church generally screens marriages it witnesses to make sure the parties are up to snuff on what a Sacrament is … even if it’s a mixed marriage).

Of course contracting a bad marriage or dressing a phony one up in the dignity of a sacrament (for the pictures or whatever) would be a sacrilege. Let’s hope this isn’t the

The social stigma of an older man marrying a younger woman (nothing to do with the Church here) is going to be much less I fear with “Gay marriage” pushing the envelope.
That said 28 is not 18, and when a man has money it’s amazing how young secular society will consider him.

Can’t believe I’m commenting on this. Next I’ll be buying paparazzi tabloids. Lol.

The mere fact of its being only a civil marriage, assuming he as a baptised Catholic never got a dispensation to marry in a non-Church wedding (and I can’t imagine such would have been granted had he asked) would be sufficient to make it invalid.

I’ve lied, stolen (small amounts, but still), been guilty of lust, and several thousand other instances of sin.

I got married in the Church just fine.

I don’t see why it would be any different here.

Perhaps this is a step along his conversion journey? Good grief, can’t we think the best of someone’s intentions ever?

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