Alex Jones Bullhorns Downing Street, British Parliament[left]Alex Jones Bullhorns Downing Street, British Parliament

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison Planet | August 2 2005

In what was the climax of Alex Jones’ lightning speed tour of London, a world famous public venue and a giant white megaphone were the only ingredients needed to provide Alex with what he described as one of the highlights of his life.

The day started with a plan to take in as many landmarks and places of significance as possible.

One of the first stops was Stockwell underground station, site of the brutal and unprovoked police murder of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes. On Thursday it emerged that de Menezes was not wearing a bulky coat and police had no reason to be suspicious about him. So why did special forces police shoot him in the head eight times? Did he know something about the drills that had taken place on 7/7 to act as a culpability cover for the real attacks?

As we were filming the floral tributes and placards at Stockwell (pictured), a police officer walked behind me and gave me a less than polite firm hand on the shoulder. “Can you come with me please,” he barked.

He proceeded to take Alex’s details and informed us that we should have asked for his permission before we filmed. We then asked for his permission and he said no. We were not even filming the police, we were filming the tribute display. So here we were in a city where four million cameras scrutinize our every movement (pictured) and yet we are accosted by the police when we try to film some flowers. Is that a free country?

This was just a taste of things to come as we headed towards central London.

The heavy but intermittent rain ensured our progress along Downing Street was slow as we ducked into building entrances to occasionally shield ourselves from the downpour.

Finally we reached the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Across the road at Parliament Square we saw the sidewalk festooned with anti-war banners and signs, including graphic images of Iraqi babies born inside-out due to the continuous bombardment of the country with depleted uranium.

There we met Brian Haw (pictured), a man who has been holding a protest vigil at that same spot for four years. Haw has won numerous court cases protecting his right to protest at Parliament Square, in the face of laws passed by Parliament solely directed at shutting him up.

However, the latest ruling states that Haw can only continue his protest if he has police permission to do so and ysterday a seperate law was passed that criminalizes protests within half a mile of Westminster, creating ‘free speech zones’ that resemble those in America where nobody is allowed within two miles of Bush. Again, the so-called freedom that we are beinjg told is under attack by Al-Qaeda is being raped and pillaged by the government itself.


People protesting these laws were arrested and dragged away from the scene yesterday by police (pictured).

You have complete freedom of speech as long as you follow our rules that restrict freedom of speech. This is Orwellian doublethink. It is alo illegal to criticize the monarchy at the famous speaker’s corner in Hyde Park. Freedom is a myth.

During the interview with Haw we noticed a muffled voice that sounded like it was coming through a loudspeaker. At first we thought this was some kind of scaremongering security alert but upon walking up the path we noticed an Indian man speaking through a megaphone. The points he was making were valid but his soft voice didn’t carry very well on the megaphone to the people in the streets.

When Alex saw the sheer size of this megaphone he started to salivate! This thing was so big you had to stablize it on the ground, it was too heavy to pick up.

The Indian man was happy to let Alex use the megaphone and the fun began.

Alex’s booming mantra ripped out across Downing Street and Parliament as he tore into the New World Order and government sponsored terrorism.

Alex made all the crucial points, the government was behind the terror and was creating a militarized police state in front of our eyes.

Rows of people on Downing Street and cross towards Big Ben stopped still in their tracks to listen as the truth bellowed across the hum of vehicles in this city, the very heart of elitist evil.

It was only a few minutes before the thought police arrived on the scene. They attempted to stop the bullhorning by saying it was too loud but when challenged as to how loud it was supposed to be they didn’t have a clue. This was an intimidation tactic, designed to frighten Alex into discontinuing and leaving the area. These two minions didn’t know who they were dealing with. Alex was arrested by George Bush’s security thugs and kidnapped for two hours, he wasn’t about to be scared away by these two little Hitlers.

Alex was again made to give his details, not that they hadn’t already been entered into the Interpol database earlier at Stockwell.

The police waited around for longer and longer and didn’t seem to be able to answer with any logic when anyone asked what they were doing. Alex wasn’t going to stop and the police scuttled away with their tails between their legs.

Alex was right back on the megaphone slamming the dictatorial slavemasters of Downing Street and their Royal rulers, all within earshot of Tony Blair, arch war criminal in chief.

Several police stood on the opposite side of the road monitoring the situation as surveillance helicopters roared overhead and did overpasses on several occasions.

Undetered, Alex rampaged through more evidence of government tyranny and hit every key subject bang on the head as more and more people froze in the streets to take in this brash and unapologetic wake up call.

After twenty minutes or so the battle had been won. We thanked the other protesters for their efforts and moved on to continue our mission.

Is it any surprise that the use of a megaphone on Parliament Square was banned by the British government two days after Alex’s rant?

Laws that are in direct contradiction with freedom should be ignored. The US Constitution, which originated from the foundation of the Biritsh Magna Carta, states clearly that any unconstitutional laws are null and void.

What can they do when a thousand people show up at Parliament Square with megaphones? How about ten thousand? Knowing your freedoms and exercising them is half the battle and that battle was won on Saturday 30th of July 2005, when Alex Jones bullhorned Parliament and Downing Street.

Watch this space for photos and video of the event.

Freedom of speech generally falls under constitutional law. Constitutional law is generally applied according to the test of proportionality. This means that freedom of speech is not always absolute and not always universal. Where freedom of speech conflict with another freedom or with compelling requirements of law which can be justified in a free and democratic society, then neither can speech occur anywhere and anytime nor can speech occur nowhere at no time. Speech can occur somewhere at some time.

God bless Alex Jones. May the Lord keep him safe for having the courage to speak out as to what all these Governments true agendas are about.

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