Alex Jones of Info wars:Anti Catholic?

Hello–I read some very disturbing items over the past few yrs and viewed some equally disturbing videos at were Alex Jones and others are continually attacking the Pope and the Church–I will provide a link to the latest video I have seen–I have tried dialoguing with these people but to no avail. The latest is the are calling the Pope an/the anti Christ–making some fantastical claims–my question is really, has this been discussed here, and how do we as faithful Catholics respond?

Alex Jones is a professional conspiracy theorist who believes 9/11 was a fix.

He also has Protestant sympathies (not sure which denomination, if any, though), and as such would be expected to be anti-Catholic.

Modern psychologists speculate that conspiracy theorists evolve their elaborate theories as a result of some form of failure in life (a “social defeat”) which leads them to disengage from “normal” society and dedicate themselves to their off-beat beliefs. If they can attract followers, they are known as cult leaders or “prophets” (not Biblical prophets, hence the quotes.) If they cannot, they often descend into psychosis.

We should pray for such people. :frowning:

Don’t waste your time and energy with such nonsense.

Agreed. It’s pretty futile to try to carry on meaningful dialog with those folk. He has his own set of followers. If you take the tack of listening as entertainment, that’s fine. But to actually believe any of it, well, that’s another.

On a more constructive note, pray.


You can’t dialog with those people because you are arguing against a fantasy that has no basis in fact anywhere. Did you notice that Jones shows only a non English shot of La Croix and so of course the people he is deceiving will take his word for what it says about Pope Francis.

Face it. this is anti-Catholic propaganda at its most egregious and this is how Jones makes his living. This is precisely the people that Our Lord tells us to shake the dust off our feet as a witness against them.

Ignorant and lazy people will swallow it hook, line, and sinker because they are unwilling to check facts and…even though some of them profess Christianity, they are unwilling to obey the New Testament which plainly says,

***"***21 Test everything; retain what is good." (1st Thessalonians 5)

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