ALEXANDRINA the Victim-Soul. What an Inspiration!

I strongly urge everyone to get and read this book about Alexandrina the victim-soul for Christ who lived from 1904 til the mid 1950s. Read about this woman. Too few people know about her. We have all heard about the value of redemptive suffering for others in union with Christ. I am reading this book now and am appalled at this holy woman’s sufferings, and deeply touched by her willingness to accept such horrors, in union with Christ’s passion, to win the salvation of others. Read this book, please !!
Then, when OUR crosses feel too heavy to bear, we can think of wonderful Alexandrina and offer our pains, large or small, to God in union with Christ for the conversion of sinners. This book is really making me think, and think HARD…
below is a link to where you can get the book:

ahh, I remembered someone here posted a link to her story. I came to the site and read about her story.

I’ll put this book on my list.

Thanks, Jaypeeto!

Hi Water, and thanks!!
Yes, the book is small, a fairly quick read.
And I can hardly put it down, it’s that great of a story.

If I had the money (( which I don’t )),
I would order a thousand copies of the book
and give it away free of charge to every Catholic I know.

What an amazing story.

God bless,

I agree with this completely.:thumbsup:
Her story is so inspiring and it’s true that not enough people know about her. I’ve heard her being referred to as “the 4th visionary of Fatima”. She really should be declared a saint along with the three children of Fatima.:slight_smile:

I hope to get a copy of this book…is she anything like St Catherine of Emmerich…

Hello JP, thanks for the recommendation. Sounds like an inspirational read. I need to be reminded often how much sin offends Jesus!

Some good links:

A sample chapter:

Mini biography on the Vatican website:

I haven’t read this book but it’s probably something like “The Way of Divine Love” by Sr. Josefa Menendez which was an excellent read too.

God bless,

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