"Alice" at a local Redbox, unless it's a small town you live in, is a much better story

"Alice", at your local Redbox, is a fun and creative movie. It has Matt Frewer "Max Headroom", Kathy Bates and Tim Curry. It is an alternative in-the-future version in the vein of "Tin Man".

I thought Frewer's senile, unless messed up early in life, White Night was much more fun to watch than the darker Mad Hatter in Burton's film, though his "Hatter" was funnier than the one in "Alice." This story is not necessarily dirty, but women at the casino and the Duchess weren't modestly dressed (though moreso than you see nowadays) and there's some violence that's a little graphic, such as an obvious gunshot wound.

I probably can't persuade people to pass up on the 3-D, but this version, I think, is much better!

I haven't seen Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland yet, but I too really enjoyed the Alice mini series on Syfy. Kathy Bates was great as was the actor who played Hatter. The assassin, Mad March was really well done too.

It wasn't really a natural sequel of Alice in Wonderland, as I may have made it seem, since the Mad March Hare was an assassin named "Mad March", who gets reanimated and fitted with a robot rabbit head. The Hatter wasn't really mad, either, but it's hard to say if he was the original Hatter or a descendent. Liberties were taken with other traditional characters, as well, but it was brilliantly done all the same. I wasn't sure if the White Knight were Matt Frewer or John Malkovich or even Jim Carrey, though I thought he was less likely the latter of the 3. I knew I saw Tortoise somewhere before, but I don't recall where.

I saw both and they both have their faults and strengths.

What I liked most about the SyFy version was how they played up the romantic aspects and friendships that Alice created.

I wasn't a fan of the white knight.

As far as the Alice (Tim Burton) movie version goes, it's visually stunning from a cinematography point of view.

The White Knight was funny, but his love of "the black arts" and other occult stuff was dismaying, but so was the "good" White Witch, I mean, Queen.

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