Alien Nation

sad but true

I am a middle aged, middle income, traditional Catholic female and I don’t belong here anymore.
The nation I have loved all my life has rebelled, like some arrogant teenager who smugly tells his mother and father that he knows more than they do. It’s been coming on for some time, but I’ve always comforted myself with the thought that I stood with a silent majority that was just too busy working and striving and living and dying to voice their concerns about where the culture of our nation was headed.
Forty years or so after the cultural and sexual revolution began, the “teenagers” have won, the silent majority is a minority, and this nation — on an executive level — has become alien ground to me and many others.
This is not just inaugural griping, this is the realization that our nation has finally, officially embraced the post-modern world; that, in addition to media elitists and collegiate intellectuals spreading nihilism, we finally have a U.S. president who embodies such a culture. Propelled into office by voter greed, Barack Obama will now lead the nation that leads the world, using his successful blend of atheistic humanism and political manipulation that make for easy-to-digest sound bytes. The immoralists are no longer only in the ivory towers, they are in the White House, not to mention the courts, the educational systems and the financial industries. And most Americans don’t mind at all or are too busy or distracted to notice.

This IS sad but TRUE.
The United States, at one time as far as the natural law is concerned at least
defendably a Christian oriented country, has utterly apostasized.
Yes, there are pockets of God fearing people in this country, but
they are definitely the minority nowadays, and the wicked, as the Book of Revelation
says, are going From Bad to Worse.

Our nation deserves God’s Judgment worse than Sodom deserved it,
and many of our fellow Catholics bear a huge portion of the blame for the
decay of this country. Well, fellow Catholics “in Name only.” ---------

-------- As truly Catholic as Arlen Specter was a true conservative.

I think the late Archbishop Fulton Sheen pegged it right when he said that we have witnessed the death of Christendom in our society. “Christendom” he defined to be the moral and ethical life of a nation as inspired by the Gospel ethic. The days when we could leave our bicycle in the front yard, go on vacation, and expect it to still be there when we returned. Those days are gone.

The nature of evil, keep in mind, is that it just gets worse and worse until it’s stopped. It never reaches a plateau or a level. Like an infection, it just keeps spreading and getting worse.

I predict (personal opinion, of course) that Christians in general, and Catholics in particular will experience a severe persecution in our lifetime. This persecution will include violence and death. We may be lucky enough to be given the gift of martyrdom. We must prepare ourselves ahead of time by prayer, fasting, alms giving, etc.

God bless!

Some discussion about the same article from another CAF thread below. Sadly, I still agree with the article, but my feelings are stronger now because it seems that each day some new affront occurs. It is surreal and sad.

i just found the article, i guess i didn’t look back far enough :o

I don’t think that is a problem at all. I think it is a good article, worthy of a lot of discussion, so no worries.:thumbsup: I know that I am so heartsick, just really upset and disgusted, angry and sad on many days lately (oh, just over 100:)) when I hear a bit of news that makes me feel like I don’t recognize America anymore. So, this is definitely still a relevant topic for discussion.

exactly! i worry about this nation of ours. but then the Lord told us not to worry, he is in charge. but still… other than prayer, which is powerful stuff, what can we do to help turn this boat around???

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