Alien remains underneath Vatican?

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I was just searching videos on youtube about the Vatican when I came across a documentary. It stated that alien remains were found underneath the vaults of the Vatican library and that the Vatican closed it to the public. When searching the internet you can find many websites about this (example: I don’t know if it’s real, but the point is: it’s bothering me. Does anyone know if this is a joke or something because it made me upset.

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Why would this bother you?

Oh paa-leeeze!

I really would suggest you stay off you-tube if things like this upset you. There’s a horrendous amount of garbage on there, and you’ll be constantly upset over nothing.

The Klingon ambassador has been asking for the return of the remains for years.

I’ve heard that, you l know…

The other thread says that we are descendents of aliens.

If that were true, then all of us are aliens, the saints and Popes buried under the Vatican would be aliens too, and so alien remains under the Vatican would be no big deal.


Isaiah 28:21
The Lord will rise up as he did at Mount Perazim, he will rouse himself as in the Valley of Gibeon— to do his work, his strange work, and perform his task, his alien task.

Sounds like the plot to the next Dan Brown book. :whacky:

Just poking fun. But if you truly believe this could be true, then maybe you need to find someone to talk with that can help you to become more discerning of the truth.

That would be sooooo awesome lol. Now if you excuse me, I will return to Coast-to-Coast AM lol

Even if this were true, it means zero to me.

There is nothing new under the Vatican, whose subsoil has been pawed over for over 100 generations.

Aliens, whether they exist or not have zero impact on my life until I see them. That means with my Mark I human eyes.


If we are all Aliens then who would be the alien? Love…Your God and all other aliens as yourself and that will fulfill all your doubts.

“Always verify what you see on the Internet,” --Abraham Lincoln.



Oh stop, please, my side’s starting to hurt!

If you would like to watch a YouTube video that does not upset you, this one is adorable. It should do the trick, unless you don’t like kitties. :slight_smile:

Surprised Kitty (Original)

That was unbecoming of me. As C.S. Lewis talks about in ‘Mere Christianity’. We are all aliens and visitors…stuck behind the lines. Our only means of communication home is through church and prayer. Why do you think that Jesus told us to go into private room and pray? So we wouldn’t get caught by the enemy communicating with Our Commander and Chief! What glory to bring to Our Country, Heaven to be caught working for our original home! We will be crowned…like given a medal of honor I guess…and raised to Sainthood ( we will be popular in heaven for our contribution?)

I pray for you that the Holy Spirit will open your understanding to the Truth and Love of God and remove any doubt and anxiety you may have from some propaganda from the enemy!

For real though, try praying to God personally about your doubts. He will answerer them. Guaranteed! Ask Him for a sign, He will give it. You maybe surprised. Remember, we don’t have a God of fear and doubt. As Padre Pio I think said…any thoughts that bring you doubt, fear, or anxiety are not from God. Don’t worry any longer and trust God. Everything will be fine.


That was great! I have to watch it again.

This is just tabloid fodder, it is out there everyday.

These stories are not real; please do not let them disturb you. The Church would never hide something like that from the world. UFO conspiracy theorists love to target the Catholic Church; these videos should be ignored; they are garbage.

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