Alienated children from divorced mother


Spiritual support needed: Was divorced when my son was 4 and daughter 2. They are now 35 and 33 and have created a totally rejecting scenario of me which has not changed since that time. I am their mother. Their birth father has a more forceful (and proudly psychopathic) personality than mine, and he devoted himself to shaming them when they expressed happiness at my home, and rewarding them for expressing negativity about me, their mother. I feel a deep need to commune with other Catholic parents who share this horrible experience. Is there a ministry for this somewhere? I live in Rancho Cordova, Ca, and feel so alone. Please pray for my poor children: both raised Catholic, but my son has chosen atheism at present.


This is a list of Catholic Divorce support groups within 100 miles of you:


I have nothing to offer but prayer. I hope you find peace.


Thank you. I am asking the Lord for discernment as to how and what to write to them regarding the situation. Our marriage was annulled by the Church, and I have been sacramentally remarrried since they were toddlers. Please pray for all parents who have been alienated from their children through their emotionally wounded but more influential other parent. The pain is inexplicable. God bless you and thank you. Prayer is the best and only recourse at this point.


I will pray for you


Thank you, and God bless you.


There is a secular phrase for it: Parental Alienation Syndrome. It would be well worth researching this phrase to find help and to find others who have suffered through this.


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