Aliens and Jesus


Hello friends, I was doing lots of heavy research on the question of aliens. From what I can gather it seems to be extremely likely that aliens exist due to the vastness of the universe (according to a few astronomers like Tyson, Sagan etc.) it seems likely that possibly millions of civilizations exist in our universe. (although that’s just one side and probably the most popular side of the argument) My question is…a) Do YOU think aliens exist? Why or why not? & b) If they do, would they have souls?
I was reading a bit of Thomas Aquinas that he believed that if aliens did exist then it would be possible that Jesus also appeared to them in an alien form. What do you think of all of this? I’m just ultimately confused because this is very important to our Catholic theology. Thanks in advanced!


There is strong evidence that something looking like aliens exist. That doesn’t mean they’re aliens necessarily. In fact, they could be demons. This is the opinion I hold on the subject.

God took the form of a HUMAN to save mankind. If God is human, why would it be necessary to create aliens? Not only that, but why would He keep such extremely important information from us for all of humanity? It just doesn’t seem logical to me.


We May Be All Alone In the Known Universe, a New Oxford Study Suggests …

A new study by Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute determined that it’s quite likely humans are alone in the observable universe. Fortune reports:
The study looked at the Fermi paradox – the apparent discrepancy between the seeming likelihood of alien life, given the billions of stars similar to our sun, and the scant evidence that such life actually exists. The paradox was named after physicist Enrico Fermi, who famously asked his colleagues at Los Alamos, N.M… “Where Is Everyone?”

The study authors then examined various hypotheses and equations used to resolve the Fermi paradox. The results weren’t pretty: “Our main result is to show that proper treatment of scientific uncertainties dissolves the Fermi paradox by showing that it is not at all unlikely ex ante for us to be alone in the Milky Way, or in the observable universe. Our second result is to show that, taking account of observational bounds on the prevalence of other civilizations, our updated probabilities suggest that there is a substantial probability that we are alone.

There is no evidence that there is intelligent life anywhere except on Earth. If we are ever contacted by “aliens,” they are probably demons.


Oh, I would really love for aliens to exist! What’s more, there are a lot of people who believe that our ancient civilizations were visited/helped by aliens.

According to National Geographic, some of the beliefs of the ancient people, supposedly taken from visitors from the sky, even aligned with the bible! That’s creepy!

But either way, our God is the God of all creation, not just earth.

If there were aliens, did they also receive Jesus? Well….my wild guess would be, that depends on how naughty they are! LOL. I think we humans were hopeless, that’s why Jesus came, to whip us all into shape. I guess if the aliens are like us, then the Father probably sent them Jesus too.

If they are not as stubborn as us humans, then they are probably already in total communion with God and have probably “grown up” playing with Jesus and didn’t need Him to whoop them into place! :slight_smile:

Who knows….our God doesn’t necessarily tell us everything. I guess He will let us know when and if He wills it. :slight_smile:


Why is this important to Catholic theology?


I think the laws of the universe are tuned to consciousness which is what I would call the (transcendent) soul. So for aliens to live in our universe I would naturally think a soul comes along with that.


If you search the forum for “alien” you will find several threads that may be helpful.


Why doesn’t anyone else know about this evidence?


Then, it appears that we worship an alien god.

No thanks!

IMO, all of the research in this area is science-fiction wishful thinking. Not a shred of physical evidence for any of it.

Not even in Area 51.


why wouldn’t it be? If aliens are real then many different questions would arise that would change our view of God. For example did Jesus died to save aliens too? Do aliens have their own version of Jesus? Would aliens also have similar souls to humans etc. and a lot more that I could think of


Yes. Thank you! Although I did already look through the answers but I began another discussion just to see if anyone had any other things to say. Also I didn’t necessarily like how they formulated the conversation so I decided to recreate one that would better fit my specific situation. But you are right I have found some useful info in the others.


Apologies if I confused you. When I said evidence what I mentioned to say was that from the vastness of the universe and the likelyhood of humans existing (according to Neil DeGrasse Tyson & other astronomers) are likely enough for the universe to have life on thousands of other planets. Although that’s just one side of the argument, some argue that the mathematics behind all this is actually far more complex. But I understand why you must’ve been confused, I will change the wording of my statement, thank you for you constructive criticism my friend!


Who are we to know the mind of God?
If they are there? Great. We would then need to address how they fit into God’s Plan of Salvation.
If not? Same old, same old


I guess I’m not concerned about aliens and Catholic theology until we see actual aliens. Then, I will leave it to the Church to tell me what I should believe and accept.


Want to hear something really paranoid? Aliens are already here and have been influencing the evolution of human society for the past 100 years.:stuck_out_tongue:


C.S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy had some interesting ideas on this topic.


Jesus did not appear to Americans or the Chinese.

And just a thought, can aliens create the universe and life? If aliens can’t create the universe, then why bother about them?


Yes I do. I think it’s incredibly unlikely God created the entire universe in its enormity just for us to look at. Heck until relatively recently (the last few centuries) we couldn’t even observe almost of creation! I find it hard to believe that God created all that just to keep astronomers busy.

Thus, I think there’s other intelligent life such that God is glorified for ALL of creation, not just what we can see. Even that which we do see we see murky at best.

It is the common interpretation that “God created man in his own image” is a statement of our intellect rather than our souls. That is we don’t look like God, but our rationality is modeled after his. Well if our intelligence, free will, morality etc is a product of our souls, then any such being must have a soul. As to how God might choose to reveal himself to them, who knows. I’m hesitant to say the whole universe is fallen because of humanity. Maybe most planets with intelligent life are still in an Eden-like state, which we would never detect, assuming they didn’t develop science–I can’t imagine being a scientist when I could walk the garden with Knowledge Himself.

I do however, think it would be unlikely an alien would be grafted into the Church. Christ chose to come to man as man, and now He presents Himself in that humanity still in the Eucharist. Not only by Christ’s death are we justified, but also by his bringing together of human nature and the divine nature. It seems wrong to think that grace could be extended to any non-human in that manner. But given the size of the universe and our current understanding of physics, that’s truly a hypothetical question. I don’t suspect we will ever know for certain that other life exists or come in contact with them if they do.


Oh I’ve heard all about that, used to believe it too. I’ve heard about those reptilians, aliens disguised as people to influence politics. All of it just sounds so silly to me now.


I enjoy speculating as well, but we should remember that all we’re doing is speculating. There’s not much we can say about the relationship of any intelligent aliens (should they exist) to God beyond that God created them, too.

Our understanding of the assumption of human nature by God is that it was so the sons and daughters of Adam could have redemption, so that they could be regenerated and rise again as brothers in Christ. The basis of the New Covenant revolves around this. Our understanding of original sin revolves around this. It only applies to those who inherited original sin through Adam.

As to whether any intelligent aliens would have their own original sin or covenants with God or what have you, that’s beyond our ken. I imagine we could certainly encourage them to worship God as we understand him, to share our own revelation, but I don’t imagine our sacramental theology would apply to them.

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