Aliens and UFO'S

What does the Catholic Church teach about Aliens and UFO’S??:confused::shrug:

There is no teaching.
We are free to speculate.
God is hugely inventive and creative, so anything is possible. Except that the laws of physics, etc probably hold true throughout the universe.



The same thing it teaches about unicorns and bigfoot.

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This is the sort of thing that we discuss and would be more than happy to chat about :thumbsup:

Personally, I think Aliens and UFOS are demonic. Demonic spirits are working to deceive the masses to have their eyes turn away from God of all creation. 2 Corinthians 11:14.–And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Rev 12:9–And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him. Devil is real.

Life on other planets in our universe is not against doctrine.

You can still use your own reasoning to determine credibility. Where I live, on a reservation, there was an old woman who gave a story about a saucer stealing her cows, and a ladder came down and person started climbing down it, and she got scared and left. Every ounce of the tale reeked of nonsense of course.

My private opinion - the one that makes the most sense to me - is that the most common reason people tell these stories is because of a deep, disordered, inner craving to feel special, or unique, or set-apart, and since they cannot find that naturally, they invent a reason. I believe this is the same reason people sometimes call themselves prophets, or that they have memories of being somebody famous in another life, or that they believe in a grand conspiracy, or any number of other things. It’s about making themselves feel special, which gives them a rush, not unlike drunkenness, heroine, pornography, explicit romance novel for women, one night stands, etc.

I doubt UFO sightings are demonic. I think it’s more about psychological instability, poor self-esteem, and a craving for vainglory. Giving false testimony is sinful but the extent of the sin depends on the circumstances of each person.

Be patient and charitable.

What does the Catholic Church teach about Aliens and UFO’S?

I am married to an alien.

(though not the kind your likely thinking of…)

The Church does not have a teaching about such matters your asking about.

I suggest though not getting caught up in all that…just stick with Star Wars and the like. There are some really odd and unreasonable things out there.

Because life on other worlds is a scientific inquiry and not a theological inquiry, this isn’t something to be answered by the Church. Going to a priest/bishop/Pope to ask would be like going to a plumber to fix your cell phone. They have no authority or competency in this respect, except in on how it might relate to Church teaching.

Canon law is clear - we are to avoid Unidentified Flying Omelettes.

Uh oh, I had one of those for breakfast this morning! :smiley:

But what if it is an IFO, an identified flying omelet, for example: we know that it is a mushroom, ham, Swiss omelet with Hollandaise sauce? So good.

I am submitting a formal inquiry for clarity on this matter.

Nothing. Which leaves me with the idea that if there are other universes - and why wouldn’t there be - those universes have nothing to do with us. So, no visiting aliens and no UFO’s from other “planets”, IMO. However, someday, Lord-willing, we will complete God’s mission for us on earth, and then we will have eternity to learn all about the unfathomable mysteries of this earth that God created for us, and our sun and moon and beautiful stars and also all about those other universes, too.

Meanwhile this world is loaded with deception, and I think aliens and UFO’s are just one of the MANY deceptions out there meant to keep our minds occupied with nonsense…

How many times and in how many places do you intend to post this exact same inquiry?

You apparently didn’t like the answers you got the first time so you thought you would try again in a different place.

Well, you got the same answer.


Personally, I think UFOS and Aliens are a deception performed by, Satan and that is a reality. He is called an “angel of light and in other place a deceiver.” I think it is the work of the devil deceiving humanity casting blinders on the masses to turn them away from God. I don’t believe life exists in other universes. That’s nonsense.

To be fair, there is only a very small minority of individuals who regularly read about UFOs and ETs and conspiracies and all the rest of it. So this isn’t a matter of the masses. Your average person would read about things associated with all of this and think it was nuts. They might engage in it on occasion like they would with a horror movie: it’s good fun to them, but doesn’t last long.

The Church doesn’t teach a darned thing about them. My personal opinion is that this phenomenon, if it is not a hoax, is demonic.

I love your sarcasm Catholics. :thumbsup:

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