Aliens are Demons: What do you think?

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They claim that Aliens are demons because abducteees claim that they say they made the human race. This is either right or wrong. And it goes completely against the Christian beleifs.
They kidnap, paralyze, physically abuse and often sexually molest humans
Often times they abduct women, and impregnate them, only to steal the child a couple months into the pregnancy
They condemn Jesus Christ and attempt to undermine faith in God
They promote New Age philosophy through “contactees” (channelers)

If they are really beings from a different planet then why is it that:
Military radar has never recorded a UFO entering our atmosphere
No two UFOs ever appear exactly alike, which suggests that they use their craft only once
Some UFOs break into pieces and merge into one; others have been seen passing through physical objects and vanishing
Most ufos emit no sound whatsoever

I beleive this is because they really are false prophets. They really are demons! Demons have immense power, because they were once Angels from Heaven. they still retained their power after they fell from Heaven. Angels and Demons are second only to God. They passed as Gods and Goddesses to the Neopagans, they why not appeal to today’s technology-based society? Not only did the fallen angels influence all of ancient mythology in general, but also by causing the Gentiles to worship them, they pitted the Jews (and later the Christians) against everyone else. This may not seem to be relevant to the whole alien issue, but if we look closely at what these entities are doing today, we see obvious parallels to ancient times. As you can read in ‘The Way’, the aliens are claiming through their contactees that they are the God of the Bible. They are enforcing devil worship, just as they did in ancient times by bringing about pagan religion.

"...I imply that what pagans sacrifice, they sacrifice to demons and not to God. I do not want you to be partners with demons."

(1 Cor 10:20)

This passage identifies the object of pagan sacrifice as demons. This confirms the relationship between demons and aliens: in ancient times, the evil angels pitted the Gentiles against the men of God; today, the aliens have brought about New Age philosophy and religion to oppose Christianity. Evil is still doing things in the exact same way it did them so long ago.

But those with faith have the Holy Scriptures as a constant reassurance that this modernized paganism is merely the work of demons, which have no power over the faithful:

“Formerly, when you did not know God you were enslaved to beings that by nature are not gods. Now, however, that you have come to know God, or rather to be known by God, how can you turn back again to the weak and beggarly elemental spirits? How can you want to be enslaved to them again?” (Gal 4:8-9)

New Agers pervert the scriptures to supplement the explanations given to them by the aliens, but they do not realize that if they had actually read the whole Bible, they would find passages like this one, which expose the true nature of their “space brothers”. They are bowing down the same god that their pagan predecessors worshiped - and that “god” is Satan!

People have stopped aliens from abducting them by using the holy name of Jesus. If they were simply beings from another planet then why would they be so terrified of god? I thought they beleived that they made humans as a result of bioengineering? here is a lnik with testemonies on stopped abductions: the ce4 case files.

What do you think? ETs- or Demons?

I don’t think there is enough tin foil in the world to help some people.

I don’t believe in aliens and I don’t believe God would create a race superior to us and allow them to abuse us and in that same note, offer his own Son to the inferior race so that we may be forgiven of our sins. If people do believe they’ve been abducted, they are either delirious, seeing demons or want to belive in aliens so badly they think they have experianced an abduction.

I believe that aliens are probably out there somewhere (if the universe is as vast as we think then there must be more life out there than just little ol’ us). I never thought that all these UFO sightings might be demons, though. You raise some interesting points, but I think that most UFO sightings, abductions, etc. can probably be chalked up to psychological and natural phenomena. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that some are demons, however, and there can be no denying that this obsession with aliens has given rise to a lot of New Age/Satanic/Pagan activity that definitely isn’t good.

[quote=Trelow]I don’t think there is enough tin foil in the world to help some people.

I think it’s time for the wise to invest heavily into a company that makes tinfoil helmets.

I believe that most people who think they’ve been abducted from their beds suffer from night fears. It is a condition in which the person is asleep, but thinks he is awake while he experiences something horrible to him. But, it is only night fears.

The human body freezes us while we sleep so that we don’t act out our dreams. When people experience night fears they think they are awake, but actually they are sleeping, so when they say they were paralyzed and floated out of the room or saw some alien being they are only feeling the fact that their body is in sleep mode and so will not move. It is only natural for them to think the fact that they cannot move means that they were paralyzed, and in a sense they were–but not by aliens by their body’s own defense mechanism.

Why do people see aliens now days? Because they are a part of our cultural landscape. Before modern times people used to see demons because that was a part of their cultural landscape. As for UFOs, there has never been any scientific evidence of any kind for them. The subjective experiences of people seeing what they took to be space ships and odd blips on radar are not solid enough evidence.

I’ll give you an example. A friend and I came out from church on a dark night and thought we saw a large ship hovering over our heads. At least, that is what it looked like to us at first. After we stopped to really examine it, we saw that it was only a light fixture blown out of proportion by the dark and our own imaginations. We had a good laugh at ourselves over that!

I do believe that demons oppress people, but I do not believe that all cases of alien abduction or UFO sightings, etc. are caused by demons. Our own physical reactions and imaginations can easily explain a good many of these things.

Hello All,

This is a subject I know much about. The UFO/Alien issue is one of the most controversial issues out there. There are a lot of different explinations to what the phenomena is. To me. from all the things that I’ve looked into, it is likely that this phenomena is real. They very well might be beings from other worlds. Some Vatican officials have given “unofficial” comments that it is not beyond the realm of possibility that life on other worlds may exist. We must not jump to any conclusions. We need to be open to the possibility that God may have created other peoples. We must beware of deception, but we need not stick our heads in the sand.

The aliens that did this to your people have NO HONOR! The People of the Klingon Empire pledge solidarity with our human allies, and will hunt down all the p’tak who did this!

Seriously though, the Church has made no definition of intelligent alien life out there, and we are certainly permitted to speculate. As for God not creating anyone superior to us, I’m not so sure. Angels, for one are non-corporeal and exist out of our four-dimensional continuum, and have higher abilities. Yes, we are made in God’s image and likeness, but that again does not preclude the possiblity of other races with will and reason, and therefore entitled to rights much like we are, even though they may not be human.

The Borg, on the other hand…

Ah… this whole idea came from Russia for heanven’s sake and it still has a life of its own…:rolleyes:

Rescue me from the cruel sword,
and deliver me from the hand of aliens,
whose mouths speak lies,
and whose right hand is a right hand of falsehood.
Psalm 144:11

[quote=Della]I believe that most people who think they’ve been abducted from their beds suffer from night fears. It is a condition in which the person is asleep, but thinks he is awake while he experiences something horrible to him. But, it is only night fears.

I think I experienced something like this last week. I felt awake and had jeans and a shirt on, but I was in bed and it was night. I sat up and saw a dark figure moving through the room. I was unable to speak in this weird state, and I ended up doing some sort of aggressive, “bring it on” type of growl. Then it went away and I moved on to happier dreams. When I really did wake up, I was just wearing shorts, as I always do at night. I have experienced what I would call “conscious dreams” many times, but this is the only one that was at all negative. Usually I realize I’m dreaming and find it amusing to be in a dream and realize it’s a dream.

…i’m not sure yet, i may have just been slandered…:hmmm:

…everybody from space are not demons… sheese, these people and their broad brushes…:cool:

I agree that demons can appear to men and women under the guise of aliens from other planets (or other “dimensions”). There are the UFO cults of Mount Shasta that testify to that.

Spielberg’s film, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, is full of the tripe of New Age religion. Roy Neary, the main character, is a man that shows all the manifestations of diabolical obsession.

Well… you tell me…

The answers here have been quite pithy, but I want to echo that many of these occurances could be psychological by nature, but demons certainly could fool our senses due to their capabilities that were not lost with the Fall. Is the possibility of other life forms say equal but different or less than our inteeligence technically possible, sure. But, I will leave all phenomena of the nature in the techinically possible and stay away from it. Thanks and God Bless.

[quote=vern humphrey]I think it’s time for the wise to invest heavily into a company that makes tinfoil helmets.

If I start such a company, will you :rolleyes: send me all your money?? ( Cash only, :Dsmall bills preferred).

To answer the question, no.

I don’t mean to sound insensitive or ‘making fun’, but this thread
sounds so nerdish to me…

At this point in time, who really knows, or cares for that matter.
If aliens do exist, why would they all be superior? Couldn’t there be a bunch of no-brainers (besides ourselves), out there? And if there are superior beings, why would they all be nice? I mean to ask, why wouldn’t they come to our planet and make us all slaves? I’m sure if we have our share of wars and conflicts here on our planet, that not all beings out there are peace loving either.

And I’ve personally had what I refer to as a sleep coma. It’s when, I believe, you are trapped (momentarily) between sleep patterns (REM and deep sleep), and can be caused by overtiredness, oversleeping, or anxiety, I believe. And I’ve experienced the ‘paralysis’ thing where I know I want to wake up (I’ve even heard things and opened my eyes) but couldn’t move. I have to breathe very deeply and concentrate on moving a finger until I can sort of ‘shake myself awake’. But during these times, I’ve had some very strange and significantly scary ‘imaginings’, that have included thinking someone (a burglar) was in the house/room.
While it feels real, it’s just an irregular mode of sleep, not an alien abduction.

Since none of us knows, and there have never been any visits, by aliens, to the planet earth which would reveal, without doubt, their (aliens) existence…why should the Church worry about making any statements on it…and why should any one of us give it any real thought and worry?

What a lot of you people are talking abotu is Sleep Paralysis. i have it too:

But that only accounts for less than half of the alien abduction cases.

[quote=Zooey]If I start such a company, will you :rolleyes: send me all your money?? ( Cash only, :Dsmall bills preferred).

You don’t want to sell all your stock – there are a lot of potential customers floating around.

OK here’s my deal with E.T. and the like: If they really are some vastly superior race with all this technology (I mean, they can cover VAST distances and have solved many problems with space/time etc) why do they fly all the way here, draw purty pictures in the corn, crash their ships, then sodomize Bubba and his livestock? You can navigate the universe, but can’t avoid an oak? What secrets do they hope to discover in various cavities? If you’ve really figured out all this, why would you be fascinated with my hind end? What do you think is in there, really? Mathematically, you would think they almost HAVE to exist, but as for them being here violating cows and crashing their one use ships - nah.

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