Aliens more plausible than Divine Revelation? (Did Aliens start religion?)


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To be clear, I agree. I do not believe in aliens, but I do not discount the possibility. My problem and my harshness is directed at people who try to use the potential as evidence of actuality. Even if I were to assume aliens were real, I would still take issue with people who put forward this sort of argument because, even if aliens are real, there’s no reason to assume, and no evidence to support the notion, that they created a religion.


False prohets like Renard who wrote “The disappearance of the Universe”, and Schucmann and Thetford who wrote “A course in miracles” maintained that aliens visited them (so-called ascended beings) and told them all the religions got it wrong and God did not create the Universe but others/outsiders (aliis in Latin; we say aliens). So, if one does not believe in the Biblical account of Creation by God, the door is open for all these far fetched beliefs who hear other voices than the Holy Spirit and try to give them credence. Ron Hubbard and the sick mess he left behind called Dyanetics still maintains this. He spent the last days of his life screaming at “evil Thetans” that only he coudl see.


Well you see St Thomas Aquinas says… Ugghhhb aaaggg!!!


The truths contained in religion (like the truths in wisdom or ethics) seem to be transcendent. These truths span cultures and times and ethnicities and places. They are not localized and particular but rather universal and transcendent.

The statement, “The result would just be we have no reason to consider Christian revelation to be true,” would not seem to follow, even if aliens were the source. There might be particular aspects of the Christian religion that would be false. But the transcendental truths stand on their own—humans have intrinsic dignity, there is something amiss about this present world that needs correction, the desire of the Creator is to draw all men to himself in an afterlife…these and many others besides still obtain, no matter the source of the religion.

Also, there is something bizarrely akin to an “argument from silence” about your suggestion here. There aren’t testimonies of religions that claim aliens as their source. You’re arguing from a logical possibility, with no testimonial evidence, which is an argument from what isn’t there (from silence), right?

Yes? No? Maybe?


But who created those aliens, was it another bunch of aliens? Do we have an infinite regress of aliens and the first aliens who had no beginning, did they create the universe?

The job description for aliens; would have to match the job description for God, the creator of all that is seen and unseen.


I am unsure where the said aliens originated from. The above I wrote was how it was explained to me. The only other detail I remember is that the aliens had “seeds” of some sort that they planted on the different coastlines and land masses that “evolved” into the world today.


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Maybe aliens DID start a religion. That, does not, however, necessitate that that religion is true.

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