Aliens Vs. Predator

With another Alien vs. Predator movie out, I was curious to know which was more popular with you people: the Alien or the Predator. For those who are new to the franchises, here are the stats:
The Alien (xenomorph)
No. of movies (excluding the Alien vs. Predator movies): 4
Notable human enemy: Sigourney Weaver
Notable superhero enemies: Superman, Batman, Judge Dredd, WildCATS, Green Lantern, Witchblade
Notable abilities: superhuman strength and agility; camouflage; spits acid
The Predator:
No. of movies (excluding Alien vs. Predator movies): 2
Notable human enemies: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, Danny Glover
Notable superhero enemies: Batman, Judge Dredd, Superman, Magnus Robot Fighter, Tarzan
Powers and Weapons include: Cloaking devices, shuriken, armor, dagger, wrist blades, plasma-firing shoulder cannon, combi stick, spear gun, smart disc, netgun, scattergun, wire, whip, wrist computer, self-destruct device, gloves

I liked the original Predator movie, but I think over all as a series, Alien is better, creepy but better. I think it was more suspenseful.

I like both of them when they are in separate movies, ie. each of them vs. human. I haven’t seen the first of Aliens Vs. Predator but I might watch the coming one.

I liked the first two movies they seemed to go downhill after that.
the books on the other hand are great, both alien series and alien vs predator books.
“earth hive” book has a frieghting premise and some twisted characters.
I even liked the batman vs predator graphic novel,“batman” uses his namesake weapon at the end.:thumbsup:

Nobody gives any play to Alien 3 … my man David Fincher rocks!!

I am looking forward to AVPR … the first one was stoooopid

Tough question. Both series have a great first film. Alien has a better second film. But then the Alien series deteroriates. Alien 3 is okay, but the last film (IMO) is terrible. (“You’re a beautiful butterfly.”)

I think Sigourney’s next role was Galaxy Quest, and that totally rocked.

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