As Catholics, we believe that Jesus Christ is one person of the Holy Trinity being in ONLY ONE GOD, meaning if one sees Jesus, then one sees God as well, for Jesus IS GOD, we have a lot of Bible verses to support this knowledge. I was watching EWTN one afternoon, and ther was this man speaking about the confrontation of Moses and God, at first it was “Face to Face” but, as he journeyed through the verses, the Israelites sinned a grave sin against God, going further to the 2nd confrontation with a verse saying something like: “A MON CANNOT SEE GOD AND LIVE”,
there are so many statues and pictures of Christ the King, and again we have an abundance of Bible verses to support them,

Now here’s a cool question for ALL:

If we truly believe that Christ is God, then why are we still alive?

One might state this as an answer: “God did say:” no one can see God and live", in the Mountain, but now that Jesus Christ has revealed himself to be one of the Holy Trinity, it is now alright for us to see God and not die."

Here’s a question for this:

"If this is so, then does this mean that what God said in the Old Testament is “invalidated” because of the words of the New Testament?, If the words in the New Testament does indeed invalidate the words in the Old Testament, then does this also imply that the Bible has one or more “Contradiction” then?


Uhhhhh… no.

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Everything changed with the Incarnation. God became not only possible to view, but possible to murder. That is far, far more astonishing.


Yep, now one must see God ***to ***live.



The 10 commandments, the Presence of the ALMIGHTY POWER OF GOD, life lessons and the difference between the PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE, are some, if not all, of the key features of the story of Moses, further implying that “CHANGE IS HAPPENING NOT ONLY IN DOCTRINE BUT IN THE BIBLE AS WELL, AS SEEN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE OLD AND THE NEW TESTAMENTS.”

I guess this statement sums up a lot, if not all of the questions and answers above right?!? :slight_smile:


No, Man can see, God the Son,but the flesh man can not see the Eternal Father face to face here on earth.


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