All 4 major carriers stop Samsung Galaxy Note7 sales


All 4 major carriers stop Samsung Galaxy Note7 sales, exchanges amid claims replacement devices are catching fire.


Yeah Samsung’s not pulling this one out of its death spiral. The Note 7 now having a fire issue after the replacement phones started going out has ensured that no one will want to buy it even if they do somehow solve the problem. The Note 7 name is tainted for good.


Yep, I need to take mine back. Have already transferred data back to my old phone. Even if I don’t have a bad battery being a person that travels a lot at the point where I can’t bring it onto a plane the phone however nice it’s feature set is useless.

While I get to keep the 256 gig memory card that came with it, it seams that not many phones support memory cards in a usable way.


You know it’s pretty dismal when CNN’s main page has this for a headline: “Samsung issues alert telling customers to turn off their Galaxy Note 7 phones immediately after spontaneous fires in the devices.”


Unless you own Apple stock, in which case you’re using a smoldering Samsung phone to light the hundred dollar bills you use to light your cigars.:wink:


There’s an expectation that many of those that are returning their phones are not going to switch over to Apple, but to other Android phones as some people are are already invested in or prefer the operating system.

There’s some expectation that the Google Pixel will pick up some sales due to this. I considered one myself, but in the USA Google will only sell a Verizon version.

With the first recall Samsung e-mailed messages out saying that. The Samsung+ app also gave a warning. While I didn’t keep mine around long enough to see this others that still had one told me that every time the phone was turned on after a certain date a warning would pop-up advising to return the phone.

If you’ve been on any planes lately many of the safety announcements include direct references to the phone. Some airlines don’t allow the phone onto their plane at all. This was all in response to the first recall.

I wonder if this will be the end of the Note line of phones all together.


It got dismal the moment that Grand Theft Auto V released a patch to use Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s as a weapon in that game. Apparently you can stick them to cars like a bomb or hurl them like grenades and they explode to devastating effect.


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