All are called to be holy - Salesian spirituality


Ever heard the phrase,** “Grow where you’re planted?” **
It's from St. Francis de Sales, bishop and doctor of the Church who lived in the 1600’s in France.

It means that each of us is to grow in holiness - closer to God - in whatever circumstance we find ourselves. Sound easy?

What if you were a woman whose husband was seeing another woman? What if there was a **child born from that union **and you were needed to take her in? And yet, that is what Jane Frances de Chantal did in France.

Despite this and other serious family difficulties, Jane's faith was strong, helped by St. Francis de Sales, who with her developed a spirituality for all walks of life -- one that seems surprisingly modern.

What do you think of these Salesian thoughts?
• God is love, and all creation is an outpouring of that love.
• Jesus is the model for all fully human living.
• You possess divine dignity and are worthy of profound respect.
• The pursuit of holiness must be practical. It must transform your attitudes, attributes, and actions.
• The only time you have is each present moment.

Could you forgive others even though they betray you? Could you take a bad situation and make it good somehow? What do you do when** life gets really difficult**?

You might find some answers to these questions at the new website about Salesian spirituality at Visitation Spirit. You will find a blog and a chat room there where you can take part in group discussions.

Any thoughts on the above ideas?

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