"All Black People" Asked to Leave New Jersey Wal-Mart

“All Black People” Asked to Leave New Jersey Wal-Mart. Racism still abounds in the North as Lawyers line up to bring class action suites against Wal-Mart to sue for damages. Many plan to boycott Wal-Mart.

Updated 9:59 AM EDT, Wed, Mar 17, 2010

Wal-Mart officials are looking at security tapes after an announcement was made for "all black people’’ to leave a store in New Jersey.

A man used the public-address system at the Route 42 store in Washington Township Sunday night and calmly announced: "Attention Wal-Mart customers: All black people leave the store now.’’

Patricia Covington and Shelia Ellington were inside the store when it happened and told the Courier Post that customers and store employees looked stunned when they heard it.

“In 2010, I want to know why such statements are being made because it flies in the face of what we teach them [our kids] at home, and that’s tolerance for people,” said Ellington.

Ellington and other customers let store management and police know they were upset.

They asked the store to use the same announcement system to apologize to customers that night, which it did.

Wal-Mart management called the incident “unacceptable,” and said it’s working to make sure nothing like this happens at any other stores.

Washington Township police and the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office are investigating the incident as a possible bias crime.

“I can’t believe it in this day and age,” Covington told the paper. “Wal-Mart needs to be more responsible.”

Covington and Elllington are boycotting the store.

Probably a dope who thought the mike was off…

Total overreaction on the part of town officials and minority residents.

What town officials should be worried about is why Walmart shoppers can be seen with kids in hand entering the store at 10:00p and leaving at 11:00p.On a Sunday night.


I guess if it turns out to be an African-American who made the announcement, it won’t be considered racist.:rolleyes:

:thumbsup: Bingo :thumbsup:

Idiots anywhere make a lot of work for competent people everywhere.
At its most serious, this isn’t a Wal-Mart issue, it’s an issue for the local management. Wally World could axe every last manager and employee at the store and demote the regional supervisor. If there is racism attack the racism. I think this is idiocy which is harder to contend with.

What would be most effective is finding out who and why. Was it a shopper? Was it a security guard? Was it the manager? It’s a stupid thing to say and a stupid way to say it and I can only guess that the motive was equally stupid - a prank, some juvenile attempt to deride African Americans, a desire for attention?

Given what I think of litigation attorneys, I would only be slightly surprised if one took the mike himself to make the announcement. Oh, wait, I retract that statement as I don’t wish to be sued!

Well, you know how those Northerners are. :rolleyes:

What gets to me is the number of Hispanics there during the time of the only Spanish Mass around :frowning:

If parents work odd shifts, I can see having their children with them late at night as they run their errands, but missing Mass…

Kids have school on Mondays.

This can’t be right, someone needs to double check this and make sure it didn’t happen in Tennessee or somewhere a little more…“southern”. There must be some mistake.

um…right, because no one could possibly be racist that lives in New Jersey, or North of the Mason Dixon line. gasp

in regards to the story, I think it’s pretty silly to boycott Walmart over this. this could happen in any department store that has a PA system that anyone can pick up and say things into. I don’t really think it’s the managers fault any more so than it is a fact that sometimes shop lifters will get away with stealing things from the store. sometimes things happen that are simply out of your control. I think that the store should have apologized, and according to the story they did. I think the person who did this should be issued a citation for disturbing the peace and public order and that should be the end of it. Just my two cents.

I was being sarcastic.

Take a look at some of the other threads that have been posted lately and you would understand why.

my apologies
I tend to get defensive when it comes to my home state.

[quote="qui_est_ce, post:7, topic:191000"]
Kids have school on Mondays.


Ahhh, I was just thinking of toddlers and babies. Silly me! :o

No problem, Tennessee is a great state. Been through there many times. People there are much like the people here. The only problem I have with it, is the same as with Texas…it takes way too long to go from one end to the other. :slight_smile:

I used to live in that area
unfortunately it is not too surprising :o

IIRC turnersville, NJ is below (or just barely north of) the Mason Dixon line :wink:

Because they must speak only Spanish, or what?

Yes, this is indicative of a History of Racism in Northern Society.

The fact that something like this happened makes it harder to shake that reputation, so let’s harp on it for 5 thread pages.


Isn’t there a boycott list on this forum of companies that dare to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”? And its a total overreaction to boycott a store that ordered all black people out?

Oh please. Anyone could have grabbed that microphone and said something stupid. We don’t even know who did it at this point.

No, we don’t. But I wouldn’t care. I’d stay out of the store until it was shown that it was some idiot, and not an employee, and if it was an employee, until he was fired.

It isn’t that unreasonable. There’s an ice cream parlor in Central Jersey that makes it very clear that they don’t want non-whites in the store, so its very easy to believe that there’s some store manager who doesn’t.

Yep no doubt. Damned racist northerners at it again. In fact, no doubt this is a new directive from the regional Wall-Mart command and control, which is staffed by Yankees.

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