All dogs (in England & Wales) could be insured under dangerous breeds plans

All dog owners in England and Wales would have to insure against their pet attacking someone under Labour proposals to tackle dangerous breeds.

Police and local authorities could also be given powers to force owners of dangerous dogs to muzzle them or even get them neutered.

But Nick Starling, of the Association of British Insurers, said: "While we understand the desire to reduce the number of attacks by dogs, making insurance compulsory for all dog owners is much more difficult than it looks.

The Great Cat Conspiracy never rests!


Well, I think the proposal to microchip every dog over there is a very good start.,2933,588719,00.html

All dogs are potentially weapons, after all.

Wow, what a brilliant way to cut down on the # of people willing to adopt a dog. If people can’t afford a monthly insurance premium, they simply won’t get a dog and more and more dogs will be left in shelters and ultimately euthanized.


Anybody interested in the legislation affecting dog-ownership in the UK (or How Cats Won The Great Catriotic Wars and Dogs Disappeared From The Streets) might find the Kennel Club’s page on the subject illuminating.

In the long term, the important thing is, surely, responsible dog ownership in very urban society like the UK and most dog charities appear to be welcoming what is, despite the insurance headlines, a general review of the law and discussion of what to do.

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