All faiths lead to Heaven?


In my RCIA class (I still attend because I feel I could always learn something new) someone mentioned how only through Christ can we enter Heaven. The RCIA director disagreed and said the Church does not teach that, saying that the Church teaches that any religion is sufficient.She quoted from Lumen Gentium. Of course I could not make the connection. Why are these kind of people in charge of teaching the faith? Any thoughts???


That is sad and frustrating. Maybe she should read Dominus Iesus. I don’t know how they get these positions, probably because their priest isn’t the most orthodox and has skewed interpretations of Vatican II. It’s a scandal and leading so many people astray.

Pray for the Church! Do you know the priest, can you mention it to him? Would he agree with her?

Pax Christi tecum.


I don’t think the priest would do anything. When the CDF released the document stating that the Catholic Church is the true Church, he got a little upset.


Well there’s the problem. I do wish the Bishops and the Church as a whole would address these issues. The fact that dissent is tolerated and this view of some sort of democratic “church” has arisen there have been so much confusion and false teaching. May Our Lord purge and strengthen His Church! Lord, save us.

That’s why I had to join a traditional parish, partly for the traditional liturgy, but also for the traditional Faith whereby I’d not have to listen to such errors and heresies.

Pax Christi tecum.


There aren’t any parishes here that are traditional, or even orthodox, or else I would go there.


It is unfortunate that such a one is teaching RCIA…Lumen Gentium is often misinterpreted to destructive ends. It merely says it is possible to be saved without formal membership into the Catholic Church. It says no such thing that any religion is sufficient.


I am wondering if I should contact the bishop. It’s not only the RCIA director, but the youth leader is just as bad, which really scares me.


I would. It’s people like this that drive people out of the Church.


I would first go to this RCIA instructor in private. Bring with you the evidence from the CCC and all other sources (as was mentioned an official document and anything else)
I would ask this instructor to explain to me relativism. And, what the Church has to say about that.
Then, I would wait to hear the reply before going any further. It could have been that instructor was not prepared for the class that day. But, if they are just teaching their own catechism, I would go from there to whoever is above them, to whoever is above them, and so on.
I mean, atheism is considered a religion. Is my husband saved because he is in that religion?


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