All Food store customers must wear masks

Kroger Co., the largest traditional grocer in the nation and the parent company of Fry’s Food Stores, will require all customers to wear a mask in its stores in an effort to help stem the spread of Covid-19.

Kroger (NYSE: KR) has issued a statement that the company will require all customers in all locations nationwide, including Fry’s Food Stores, to wear a mask when shopping in its stores starting Wednesday, July 22.

Every store I go to requirements a mask.

Politicians like Joe Biden don’t seem to know this?
How about you. ?
Do the food stores and quickie marts require masks? Where you live?


Everything requires masks where I live. But if you don’t wear one, no one asks you to leave…


A lot of places around here, they’re optional. But there are some places that will make us wear masks. The small rural areas usually don’t. Our governor isn’t draconian like those in some other states. We still honor freedom around here, with the necessary degree of responsibility.

Masks have been required everyplace I go since April.

Why is this even still a question? Covering one’s face is not hard or a big deal.


July 22?

Here’s an update from November 16:

It’s tyranny and me making a scene at Costco makes me a plucky freedom fighter.


Yeah, it’s the beginning of totalitarianism obviously. Today you’re forced to wear a mask, tomorrow it’s re-education camps and Big Brother. :smile:

This isn’t new.

We have to wear masks at all businesses for the last several months or else you can’t enter the building.


Standing up to the Greeter at Walmart is a hallmark of a freedom fighter. Oh the consequences are dire for noncompliance. One could receive a worried look from the employee at the door. If it’s real bad, anyone who storms the entrance of Walmart without a mask might receive an eye roll from any of the nearby employees. Imagine how that might trigger someone.


Pour one out for the real heroes who do their part by annoying tired hourly wage workers.


Do you mean like grocery stores? Yes, and I don’t have a problem with it.
Kroger also allows open carry in states that allow it, so not too bad from my perspective.


Fred Meyer (owned by Kroger) requires masks and has required them for months now.

In my town, all stores, food related or otherwise require masks.

They’re making us wear them in some of the larger food stores here in Idaho. Ours is one of the more lenient states. Masks aren’t (yet) required everywhere.

When they start making folks wear them in the privacy of their own homes, I think many will be drawing the line. What with cameras in home computers and other ultra-modern technology, along with snoopy neighbors who refuse to mind their own business, one’s home may not be as “private” as one thinks, even when all the drapes are drawn shut.

I would hate for our homes to become our prisons, but things just may come to that. Draconian beyond all reason.

To my knowledge, no one in a position of authority has suggested that. Do you imagine that public health experts and government leaders have such a lust for power? They don’t. They are just looking at the death toll and the rapidly filling hospitals and figuring out what the people can do to make things better.

Of course, if there is a sick person in the house, the sick person and others in the house may wish to wear a mask for their own good.

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Yeah, it would be unenforceable anyway. The police can barely even enforce the mask laws on the public streets around here; they certainly don’t have the resources to go into private homes and check on what’s going on, even if they were legally permitted to do so, which they probably aren’t.

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Here in Canada all grocery stores have required masks since the start of COVID-19. Nothing new here.

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New Mexico has a statewide mandate for wearing masks in public places (including walking down the street.) My only issue is the number of people (mostly from out of state) that pitch a fit about wearing a mask inside businesses as if it’s the business owner’s fault that the mandate is in place.

If I could, I’d post a notice that says, “No, we didn’t make the rule; no, we don’t like the rule; but we are supposed to enforce it and we aren’t the only business in town that does. We’re not enforcing it because we agree with it, we’re trying to avoid getting slapped with a hefty fine or being shut down. So stop throwing a tantrum and snarky comments at the workers. You don’t want to wear a mask, don’t come in our store, but be quiet about it. Nothing you have to say about it is new to us and quite frankly, we’re tired of hearing it and we’re not impressed. If you want to come in, then follow the guidelines and don’t be “THAT” customer we constantly have to remind to keep the mask on. We’re just trying to stay open and make a living. Can you give us a break, please??”

It’s been a long year, folks…


There is a YouTube parody video of a Disney show tune about mask wearing. I won’t post it here as it’s a tad too salty for CAF, but it’s pretty good.

We’ve been wearing masks since April. Why is this being posted like 7 months later and it’s pretty obvious??

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