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I’m Katolik and i live in Indonesia, I feel most of my moslem friends have love of Christ eventhough they don’t trust Jesus as the Son of God. protestant or Katolik, Moslem or etc. as long as we love another as Christ does we will understand the teachings we learnt. Have you ever heard Mother Teresa make critics to another religion? ofcourse not. For the Protestants and Katoliks, if you are Jesus’ followers don’t judge, " Who are we…so we can judge anothers?


The problem is that we disagree as to what the teachings of Jesus Christ are. What does it mean to love and follow Christ? How do you show this love? What expressions of love are acceptable and which aren’t? Is praying to the Blessed Virgin Mary or the Saints acceptable? Is it ok to display statues of Jesus and the Saints in our churches?

Mother Teresa may not have criticized other people’s beliefs, but St. Augustine did (the Pelagians) and so did St. Francis de Sales who converted an entire city from Protestant to Catholic. There are a plethora of other Catholic Saints who have defended the faith from false beliefs.

Protestants and Catholics are not judging each other. We are defending what we believe to be the true teachings of Jesus and the Apostles. We are defending the faith from false teachings that may show dishonor to God and lead people down false paths and into sin.

We are not only defending our faith but we are also trying to lead these people to the fullness of truth that we have found. As Christians, we are called to share our faith and evangelize. It is our duty to spread the good news and preach the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles and to correct anyone who may believe things that are contrary to what they taught.


Have you ever heard Mother Teresa make critics to another religion? ofcourse not.

After Mother Teresa was finished giving a presentation to a college in the United States, a student stood up and said to her, “Well, I guess God needs some people in the Catholic faith and some people in other faiths”, to which she replied, “No, He doesn’t”. Mother Teresa believed that every human being was a child of God, but she most certainly did not believe that loving one another was all we needed to follow His Truth.

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