All homosexual relationships are inferior

I’m just sick of no one responding to me on any of the threads that I post on about this. I’m someone that bears the cross of having SSA every day, and I love the Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality. It allows for all people with SSA to live a dignified life as servants and children of God. In fact celibacy is the ONLY avenue for people with SSA *to *live a life of dignity.

And I’m just fed up that all the gay marriage advocates don’t hesitate for a second to call most of the members on here backwards homophobes who aren’t being charitable and who are bashing them/ discriminating against them, etc. But when they see someone with SSA who IS living the Church’s teachings on this matter… nobody responds to anything I post.

Why? Is it maybe that your poorly formed consciences sense deep down that I am actually right?

**SO, with that background in mind, I’m gonna lay down this gauntlet: all homosexual relationships are inferior to the Sacrament of Marriage. **[and all sexual relationships outside of Marriage are inferior]. But, particularly since most “gay” people will not marry according to the Church’s definition, then any relationship they enter into is necessarily sinful. It’s centered around sin and selfishness. Whereas in the Sacrament of Marriage love is centered around God and selflessness.

And I said on another thread apart from being sinful, a homosexual relationship is inferior because they can’t have children, and unlike those called to the Sacrament of Marriage they cannot love God and put God at the center of the relationship. That would be an oxymoron wouldn’t it? Two homosexuals can’t at the same time love God and also sin against him every day by having a relationship… because that sin separates them from the God they claim to love.

Sorry if that sounds like a rant. But, on the last 4 threads no one has responded to me. Which is odd. Because normally you have straight Catholics and straight atheists/ liberal Christians, etc. all discussing their views of “gay marriage” and homosexual relationships. But, when someone who actually has SSA speaks up nobody cares? I know what I’m talking about because I don’t just know the Church’s teaching on this, I live it every single day!!**

Only a sexual relationship between two people of the same sex would in inherently be sinful.

If it makes you happy and feel superior, so be it. That is your view, and who cares? There, you have your answer.

God bless you on your walk with the Lord!:thumbsup:

It seems to me that a large bit of the problem with people who do not understand the Church’s position on SSA and sexuality in general is that they have a misunderstanding of the concept of what love is. Instead of a concept of a “humble self giving response to the other” they believe that love equals sex. As you state, sex is a activity that belongs within the Sacrament of Marriage, otherwise it is not fulfilling the purpose that God intended it for.

Thank you for your post and your courage to be faithful to God, it is so easy these days to let ones self be towed along with the flow of secular hedonism.:frowning:

I commend you for living a chaste lifestyle and for respecting and adhering to the church’s teaching in this area. I am a single female and I also am called to a chaste lifestyle as I am not married, and probably will never be. I wish more people would live as you choose to; faithful to the Magisterium. God bless you.

God bless you for living the Truth. I wish more people would listen to you and to other ssa individuals who are faithful to the Church’s teachings. The Church is most certainly not homophobic. Christ loves everyone and wants only what is best for everyone.

God must love you immensely to give you such a heavy burden-He also gives you the Grace to bear this, perhaps in unexpected and hidden ways. You are a great reminder to us all that we too must live our lives chastely, in whatever vocation we are called.

I personally agree with you. However, I do not have the eperience you do, so I can’t really say much else. I was wondering, what would your opinion be of a pair of homosexuals who lived together in chastity, without sex? Because sex is really the main issue; it’s just wrong, simple as that.

My dear brother in Christ,

I am a firm advocate that those who do not love the Catholic faith do not understand the Catholic faith. Unfortunately, a large proportion of today’s society are very ignorant people, and content to be so. The popular media, world governments and contemporary society deeply resent the teachings of the Catholic Church, as if they were to embrace them it would require major life-style changes which may prove inconvenient and involve some self control and self sacrifice (even though it would make for a far better world). I apologise for never having replied to any of your previous posts, this is simply a case of never having come across them. I truly thank God for people like you, who have not been deceived by the socially acceptable and ‘politically correct’ immoral band-wagon. The church is constantly misquoted and blatantly lied about on the subject of homosexuality. God doesn’t play favourites, God loves everybody! However, sexually disordered acts are sexually disordered acts. It is for this reason that I, as a heterosexual, am also called to celibacy in order to receive the sacraments. What a small price to pay to experience the love of God. I hope and pray that people such as you can act as a beacon to other people of SSA and that all our brothers and sisters begin their journey home.:slight_smile:

God bless

Speaking as a straight female married for 40 plus years.

God has blessed you with clarity. Thank you for sharing your views and choice as a SSA person.

I have to agree with you on the Churches position of homosexuality. It really does not condemn the SSA, rather acting on that attraction. The Church in it’s wisdom recognized that human sexuality meets a species rather than an individual need. That is, the species would die out, but we are not going to die if we don’t have sexual gratification as individuals.

Still, I cannot find it in myself to condemn people who reach out to others of the same sex. We do have a need to be with others and this is often a need for comfort or a need to be cherished rather than just hedonistic gratification. I often think of females who have been seriously abused by men in their lives - sometime it simply feel safer to reach out to another woman.

I think we need to be very careful how we judge others and how they live. Hopefully, with a caring concern others can reach the same kind of choice the OP made, but just as with those of us who are heterosexual, sometime that is a journey, not a place automatically arrived. We need to be gentle with all the struggling souls out there.

The Church cares. As long as there are people like me who follow their teaching then all your arguments about how the Church’s teachings are unlivable simply aren’t going to be listened to.

And it doesn’t make me feel happy or superior. It’s not about feeling. I feel for all my homosexual brothers, because I KNOW they could live out Christ’s teachings in their life. And if God calls me to minister to them I’ll enthusiastically do that.

Maybe inferior/ superior are the wrong words to use… but I’m living in the light, and they are slaves to sin who are enshrouded by darkness. Better terminology?

This does often come up. Someone said they knew of two men who had been “gay married” and then they came back to the Church, and now live chastely together and serve the Lord.

Personally, I would consider that a near occasion of sin. I don’t think the Church really likes situations like this. I mean, the Church doesn’t like a boyfriend and girlfriend to live in the same place (cohabitation). There’s just too much oppurtunity (IMO) for things to suddenly get out of hand and you do something you didn’t want to (and fall).

Maybe some people are called to this. I’m a little skeptical. They should definitely consult a good priest.

As for me, my relationship is with Jesus Christ.

I think they were.

Sigh You are entitled to your views. It that is how you wish to lead your life, no one is going to argue and insist that you change it. But those people do not agree with you, and you are in no position to argue. If you wish to be respected then you should extend the same respect to others.

The same old story comes to mid. The young boy-scout gets home and his father asks him: “Did you do any good deeds today?”. The kid answers: “Yes, dad. I and my 5 friends helped an old guy across a busy street.” The father says: “That is very nice… but why did you need your five friends?”. The kid replies: “because the old man did not want to cross the street!”.

Do you get the point? If those other homosexuals ask for your guidance, give it, by all means. But if they don’t want your help, stay out of their way, whether you think that God “called” you or not. To be blunt: “it is none of your %&$ business!”.

I think it would be great if the Church were to develop ministries where people with SSA could experience more community. I think in a general sense the Catholic Church needs to counteract individualism with strong communities. I don’t think we understand how anti-Christian individualism is. If we lived in Christian communities (like our ancestors did all the way from the Apostles to around the 1940’s/1950’s) then it would be a lot easier to be a sexually MORAL people.

Thank your very much brother!! I’m just glad I could be an encouragement to all of you. I definitely hope that the Lord will use me to lead people away from the homosexual lifestyle and towards the Church.

I guess I was just a little frustrated on these forums. Because in my opinion the discussion about people with SSA should be led by people with SSA and who live faithfully what Christ calls them to. Even though we are a minority of a minority, we are the affirmation of Church teaching. Because, in the hearts of every gay-marriage opponent is the idea that “no one with SSA would actually want to live like the Church wants them to”. Well, they are sadly mistaken, or sadly ignorant of all the people who do.

Well, I don’t care if you ask me for my advice or not, but you shouldn’t curse. Is that against forum rules? I’ll let you off the hook because maybe you didn’t have full knowledge about that. :smiley:

No I don’t wish to be respected, and I don’t respect them. I LOVE THEM. And because I love them I am willing to be mocked and ridiculed if I can save even 1 person. If I lead even 1 person away from the sin of the gay lifestyle and towards their Lord Jesus Christ then I don’t care if 1,000 other people disrespect me before that happens.

And that’s what respect is, it’s just a word used to propagate the idea of “to each his own” and “whatever floats your boat”.

And that’s what really infuriates the Church’s enemies is that we won’t just quietly worship in our Churches and keep the good news of the Gospels to ourselves. We are called to preach the good news to all people “and when necessary use words”.

I’m always amused when atheists come here with the “that’s your opinion” attitude. It’s characteristic of the “epistemic weakness” idea common to most modern political ideologies – the idea that no one possesses certain knowledge of the good and therefore everyone must be free to pursue their own vision of the good.

The reason this amuses me is because *obviously *Catholics don’t believe this, so *obviously *this appeal isn’t going to work with them. If we thought no man could possess certain knowledge of the good, we wouldn’t be Catholics.

It was not a curse, it was emphasis.

Oh, I see… “The beating will continue until the morale improves”… right? The motto of all tyrants. “I know what is best for them, and I will beat them until they accept my moral superiority!”. Guess what? You are just another zealot, who wishes to interfere in other peoples’ lives - of course “for their own good”. I guess you even think of yourself as a “humble” person.

And drag all those “old people across the street, even if they don’t want to”. This is what you call “love”. You have some serious confusion about “love”. I would also bet that you would be extremely upset if some other zealot would forcefully “preach” you in your own place of worship. After all, you are “right” and they are all “wrong”.

By your logic, all those heterosexual couples that are infertile are inferior too? Right?

Inspiring OP. I hope for the best and that your Iron will perseveres.

Oh, I see… “The beating will continue until the morale improves”… right? The motto of all tyrants. “I know what is best for them, and I will beat them until they accept my moral superiority!”. Guess what? You are just another zealot, who wishes to interfere in other peoples’ lives - of course “for their own good”. I guess you even think of yourself as a “humble” person.

I didn’t realize having a strong belief = being the tyrant of the SSA community.

And drag all those “old people across the street, even if they don’t want to”. This is what you call “love”. You have some serious confusion about “love”. I would also bet that you would be extremely upset if some other zealot would forcefully “preach” you in your own place of worship. After all, you are “right” and they are all “wrong”.

No LGBT activist is going to take up the cross the Church call for people with SSA unless they themselves choose to abandon their past errors. I doubt SSA fellow has a secret police he can call to force and brainwash people in the gay community to follow what he preaches against their will.

So as of now you’re simply belittling for the sake of belittling.

Staying out of someones business is not love or tolerance, it’s cowardice and apathy. Church aside(which is impossible), ignoring people goes against human nature as we are social beings.

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