All just get along?


why is it that one can’t just have faith in Jesus and study the bible and lead a good life and go to heaven?
u mean to tell me that for a few differences between lets say a catholic and a baptist for example, one could be going to hell?
i’ve actually had to go through the hell of listening to people who claim to be good honest christians then CURSE each other out about what denomination can trace it’s roots back to christ!!!
ok ok u have faith in jesus and are a catholic, thats great, or a baptist or whatever, please understand that event hough u feel your right does not mean that other people will also.
it’s one thing to defend your religious beliefs, don’t attack another 1.
HONESTLY, how many catholics out there chose the catholic church over another denomination because the catholic church is more popular than the other, i’m willing to believe that there are quit a few who have, probably some of u on this site.
how many baptists chose their path because, well, there just aren’t as many rules in baptist circles than catholics.
i went to barnes and nobles yesterday and found myself in the bible’s section, i saw a bible called “the catholic bible” which i realized was the SAME as the holy bible that i have at home, wonder if the catholic church gets any money if that book is bought by someone.
just get along people


You can do whatever you want to do. No one is stopping you from having faith, studying, leading a good life, or going to heaven – no one, that is, but yourself:D

u mean to tell me that for a few differences between lets say a catholic and a baptist for example, one could be going to hell?

In Catholic thought, you don’t go to hell simply because you’re Baptist.

In Baptist thought, it may be a different matter, depending upon the Baptist you talk to.


Sadly, many of the Catholics here will grudgingly admit that you may not be going to hell for not being a Roman Catholic, but they will say that you “do not have the fullness of the faith”, which when translated means that your non-Catholic “church” (the pope apparently disagrees with this term) is a cheap knock-off of the “brand name” faith. By their reasoning, it makes no sense to go with “fruit hoops” when you can have the “real deal”…

Do you honestly think that our loving Father will judge some negatively because they lived a good life but didn’t join a particular institution? It is truly sad that some will act superior to others or condemn others merely because they do not assent to the same set of beliefs.


If we say we love Jesus, then the only question is; Are we doing His will. Jesus told us He came to establish His Church. The Catholic Church is His Kingdom in Heaven and on Earth.

Jesus prayed for unity among His followers. And the apostles condemned anyone who “scatters” or anyone who “preaches a different gospel” than the one they handed down through the Church.

This is the reason for discussion.


in catholic thought, what happens to baptists when they die
do they go to heaven?


Any ideas about “church” or what the Bible means that differ from what the Catholic Church teaches are NEW. They are inventions of men who wanted to start up their own religions, rather than follow the Kingdom that God established for us.


catholics have a different bible than the one used by the ones who “scatter”


Salvation flows from Christ’s Church on earth; the Catholic Church. The normative means for one to achieve their own salvation is through the Church and her sacraments. However, one who does not fully know the gospel, through no fault of their own (only God judges how culpable we are for our pride), can still achieve salvation if they follow God’s will as written on their heart.


It depends upon the Baptist, and, of course, God. But you aren’t excluded from heaven simply by the fact that you’re Baptist.


The Catholic Church authored and penned all the new testament writings and it was she who canonized the entire Bible in the late fourth century. You are correct - most protestants (in recent times) have removed seven books from their version of the Bible.


just wanted to make 1 thing clear, i’m not attacking the catholic church, just the people people that come down on others because they feel there better because there catholic or because there baptist or whatever


Catholic bible, aka bible with Apocrypha, that’s all.

I’ve never heard to the Catholic church receiving royalities from the sales of a Bible labeled Catholic, however, if the Church did receive royalities, she should receive royalities on ALL Bibles…don’t you think?

I’m going to pray for you today. From your posts, I can assume that you have alot to learn about the Catholic Faith and different denominations…I wish you luck and peace on your journey.


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