All Los Angeles school district schools closed due to threat


All Los Angeles school district schools closed due to threat

Los Angeles police confirmed that all Los Angeles Unified School District schools are closed Tuesday as police investigate an unspecified threat.

I saw other news stories calling this school district the 2nd largest in America.


to close the whole school district - what kind of threat would that be?


Police and the FBI were investigating the threat, which was described as "electronic."

It was not to one school, two schools or three schools, but to many schools," Cortines said. “It was ‘to students at school.’”

Also, I saw one comment about something about it would be too many backpacks to search.

So, I don’t want to say something misleading, but it did tend to sound like an explosive to me, we will see.


“Rare Credible Threat”.


if its truly a credible threat, whats the purpose of closing for a day or 2…wouldnt the person just do it when they open next?


Now, it is being reported that the threat was an email; so this shows often, 9 or 8 times out of 10, these threats are not real. It would not surprise me if this threat does not amount to anything more than a hoax but we need to use caution nonetheless.


Ironic that the most progressively liberal State in the US is their target. Thank God the kids are safe and I pray that nothing comes of this threat.

What will it take for dems and their followers to realise that there is a danger and it warrants serious security measures especially on migrant intake??!!!


“An overabundance of caution.”
These were our school superintendent’s words describing the decision to close the schools and I understand their concern in light of recent events. Better safe than sorry.


probably finals week.

last year we had someone leaving electronic messages of threats against individual schools in our town. eventually, they were apprehended and were traced far away from where we live by thousands of miles.


Unfortunately, this is a way for a terrorist group to cause havoc. Call/email a backpack bomb scare, anytime they want, which is ‘hopefully’ a hoax. They can continue doing the same for as long as they want to disrupt anywhere they target.


I can see this happening and cyber-war is a big deal, the Syrian Deputy Minister warned of ISIS infiltrating the refugees, it is hilarious that regime apologists seem to defend some sort of liberal interpretation of migrations when it pertains to the West, the countries they are so critical of; that’s why there seems to be a lack of consistency in their positions. I think they actually just want to see the West harmed because it is interesting in turn to see what nations are not accepting refugees, the ones they are for.

Ted Koppel has written on what cyber terrorists could do, they could in fact, inflict a lot of damage, say freeze up banks and so on.


I agree, and I would bet its probably a student.

I graduated high school in 1994 and remember it being VERY RARE for a bomb threat or any threat to be called into a school, I cant ever remember it happening while I was at school, but nowadays, its almost common for students to do this, Ive heard of it happening in our district many times, NONE of them were real threats though.

I agree they have to be cautious, especially schools or other places where there are lots of young kids, but they are going a bit overboard in some cases, like when they call police or expel students for very minor things ( many examples in recent headlines of this).

This is exactly what the REAL terrorists want…they want us to be frightened, for us to call police on the first sign of anything remotely suspicious, they seek to change our way of life, our lawmakers and politicians tell us all the time not to be scared, not to change our lives in response, but they are doing that very thing…I guess the old statement rings true “Do as I say, not as I do”.


As my husband said, the terrorists have won!


*New York City officials say they received the same threat that led to the closure of the Los Angeles school system but quickly concluded that it was a hoax.
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