All Marines to Get 'Unconscious Bias' Training as Women Join Infantry


Reason number 972 why Trump is getting serious consideration for President.


“Unconscious”??? I don’t think this particular “bias” is unconscious at all. The perception that women, generally, don’t belong in combat is a product of a lifetime of experience for individual marines, and thousands of years’ experience for people generally.


When the war breaks out, the gender roles will quickly return to their natural state.


No offense, but is it OK for women to be part of SWAT teams?


What are you saying? The females have to pass the same standards as the men. The Marine Corp is not fighting this because they see ways in which women can help in these MOS’s. No president will reverse this course of action.


“Men were built for fighting. Women were built for childbearing. It’s interesting to note how stubbornly true—even obvious—these statements remain, despite aggressive efforts to bury them.”
–Rachel Lu, The Collapse of Gender Sanity


No, they don’t.

The Marine Corp is not fighting this because they see ways in which women can help in these MOS’s. No president will reverse this course of action.

The Marines are pushing this because it is the cause du jour and what the cool kids think is hip. They aren’t doing this to improve the fighting capacity or ability of infantry.


I’m not sure what you’re asking here. I don’t think it would be optimal, but there is a quite a difference between being a member of a SWAT team and being part of an infantry unit. For one thing, SWAT teams don’t get deployed overseas for months at a time.

What specific role can a woman serve in an infantry unit that a man is incapable of? Do you know why the Marines aren’t fighting this? It’s not because woman add some new and exciting capability to infantry units that male only units don’t have, unless you consider the ability to get pregnant new and exiting. It’s because no Marine officer wants an less than satisfactory OER (Officer Evaluation Report) for being insufficiently enthusiastic about the prospect of putting women in combat arms billets. The first thing a Marine learns is to salute and say “Yes, sir”.




What does Trump have to do with this? He’s not mentioned in the article and I don’t see how he’s even relevant (and certainly not in a good way).

He makes most male Marines look like perfect gentlemen by comparison to his draft dodging, skirt chasing, excuse for a self. Take note:

Edited slightly from a Facebook post from Catholic Mark Shea:

What the Frankenstein mob of the GOP base now stands for–and has done nothing but increasingly reward its frontrunner for–is a candidate who

-is pro torture
-mocked a disabled journalist
-insulted Jewish Republicans with “you people are good with money” stereotypes
-cheered on or at least encouraged thugs who beat up homeless people and black people by calling / excusing them “passionate”
-called women pigs and dogs and bimbos. Made crude comments about women bleeding and going to bathroom.
-called POWs losers while partying in prep school and getting multiple fortunate son draft deferments
-calls sleeping around while he dodged the draft his "personal Vietnam"

-took vengeance on an infant (his nephews) with cerebral palsy in a family arguement over daddy’s money. Got the babys health insurance canceled.
-is pro choice (until 10 seconds ago, but his pro-choice sister would be a great SCOTUS judge)
-is anti immigrant
-is anti refugee
-married 3 times
-brags about his wealth. No humility.
-pretty much claims he’s so good and honorable that he doesn’t need Gods forgiveness
-lead Christians to an exceeding high mountain and promises them all the kingdoms of the earth if they will fall down and worship him
-is endorsed by white supremacists
-hints at using nuclear weapons to fight terrorists
-Retweets (promotes) nazi sympathizer organization (who promoted a picture of Donald Trump in Nazi uniform gassing Bernie Sanders in a gas chamber)
-Says he can shoot people on streets of ny city and would not lose support
-is scared to be interviewed by a conservative news reporter
-Used eminent domain to trample people
-Supports the fur industry. Sons support trophy hunting.
-Supports the death penalty
-Gave tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money to Clinton Foundation over the years
-Told racist mass murder fantasies about killing captured Muslims with bullets coated in pigs blood
-Families clothing lines mostly made in Mexico and China
**- offers inappropriate lustful comment on how attractive his daughter is

  • objectifies women
  • builds casinos and strip clubs**
  • hypocritically complains that the Pope has no right to judge his Christianity, after claiming that Cruz wasn’t a Christian
  • Throws out peaceful Muslim Americans from his rallies

For the GOP base, these things are features, not bugs. They are not things to overlook in favor of his good positions and actions. These are his good positions and actions. And the more horrible he shows himself to be, the more his numbers rise with that base.

That Frankenstein base is your creation. They are your fault. 100% entirely your fault. You made them, catechized them, and continue to feed them the lies that disposed them to fall down in adoration of this incredibly dangerous narcissist demagogue. And your utter refusal to take responsibility for that will destroy you if you don’t start repenting PDQ.
We are not punished for our sins. We are punished by our sins–by what we ourselves choose. Trump is the choice of the GOP. And if that choice is not repented it will deserve all the destructon he will bring you guys. I just pray he does not bring destruction on the rest of us or on the world. If the guy is ready to sue whenever his vanity is miffed, imagine what he can do with nuclear launch codes.


:thumbsup: Again, and frankly IME women have a tendency to be some of the better shots. (Heck, my wife is a better shot than I am.) I’d have a healthy respect for anyone who wears a Marine uniform regardless of gender. That experiment was probably done in other services, but a Marine is a Marine is a Marine and the girls will assuredly measure up.


Actually the Marines opposed it, but because Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter order the Marines to allow women to serve, they have to.

Unlike the Army Rangers, the Marines will not back off training to accommodate woman.

The Marines already allowed 19 women to try and make it through Combat Officers Training and not one finished.

The Army Rangers backed off their training about 3 years ago. So yes, recently two women made it through their training. However, former Rangers say that before three years ago, this would not have been the case.



So in other words, the government thinks it knows better than the military.


Well, this secretary of defense does, despite never having served in the military.

But wait, when Hillary becomes president, it will get even worse.

Jim USMC 1970-72


Them Cool Kids Be Nuts!


There is a difference between men and women - right kiddies?

The roles performed best by qualified men should be left to qualified men. (easy peasy!)

Women perform roles qualified exclusively to qualified women. So - there is a role that can only be performed by a qualified woman. (lemon squeezy!) Answer? Birth of a child.

Skills are acquired. Regardless of the loosey-goosey alphabet people - sexes are equipped to acquire varying levels of qualified skills.

Why be so stupid to spend money and time on something you should have learned in gradeschool. Stop making alphabet soup out of men and women.

Invest in the skills that meet the required qualifications for the highest level of performance.


The Marines oppose everything as a matter of course.

This isn’t about the IOC.


And while “suggestions” have been made to lower standards for female Marines to meet quotas, Mabus emphasized it’s “an unacceptable notion” for every Marine, especially those women who choose to compete for those positions.

“It’s unacceptable under the law, to me, [and] to every other senior leader in the Pentagon because it would endanger not only the safety of Marines, but the safety of our nation,” he said.

“Standards can never be lowered for any group or any job. Standards will evolve as threats evolve, but they will evolve for everyone equally,” Mabus said.(Terri Cronk DOD News)

Yes they are, you just don’t understand why.


The military is the government. That is why the term military intelligence is an oxymoron.


If the Army can work out housing so can the Marine Corps. If officers cannot billet women, then they have no business in the Corps. General Officers do not receive performance reports so I don’t see what your objection is about.


The Marines uphold tradition and preparedness for fighting. They have the expertise and experience of war, so they should be listened to instead of social engineers.

What’s IOC ?

I was on OCS, Officers Candidate School at Quantico VA, and assisted instructors in training officers.


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