All my brothers, be warned

The Spirit of Antichrist, Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Stay away from these carnals who claim to be Christian. Outwardly they seem pure sheep. Inwardly they are wolves. Stay away from TBN.

The user who posted this video on Youtube is an antiCatholic. But, this video is in no way promoting antiCatholicism. This is for everybody, Protestant and Catholic. We need to stay away from blasphemers who say we are gods and that we give God permission to do things…Beware of the wolves who come in sheep’s clothing!

God bless

No surprise there, but thank you, Tristan. Since I don’t want to watch it, can you tell me what they’re saying and what does TBN stand for?

Ok I watched it, this is crazy, these preachers have millions of followers, how many of them are going to be led astray? God bless Tristan.

p.s. I figured what the TBN stands for “The Bible Network”, correct?

It stands for the Trinity Broadcasting Network. These people make me sick :frowning:

I watched it and am utterly amazed by it. You know it’s all about the money. They have turned the bible into a profit making machine. Many people feel down and out. They need something to uplift them. So they target vulnerable souls who are in despair, and make them feel good again. After they preach in a powerful feel good kinda way, they pull out the old routine of going into your purse and give. Give to this and to that. Support, TBN,TCT, or any other network.

I stopped paying attention to many of them. Joyce Meyers and Creflo Dollar, so on. I will listen to TD Jakes every now and then. He is still legit right, or am I wrong on that too.
It’s a disgrace, to really profit from the bible and God’s word that way. One can really be blinded by money signs.

May Jesus forgive them their sins, save them from Hell, and lead them into Heaven.

I’m pretty sure this network is the place where you sow a seed for harvest.Problem is you are suppose to give because it’s in the Bible.Seed of Harvest preacher gets on there telling people to give God money and you will reap a lot of :eek:money People tend to forget the treasure one should store up,well that’s in Heaven.Yes,that guy makes me sick.

As soon as I saw John Hagee…nuff said. False teacher.

Fr. Mark

I will listen to TD Jakes every now and then. He is still legit right, or am I wrong on that too.
It’s a disgrace, to really profit from the bible and God’s word that way. One can really be blinded by money signs.

It really is a disgrace and it has dug itself a very deep pit. Unfortunately TD Jakes is not one to listen to either. He comes from what is called a Oneness Pentecostal background which denies the essential doctrine of the Trinity.

One of the women portrayed on that TBN clip is Paula White. You can look up her website to see what she’s all about .She pastors a church in Florida that has been mired in scandals of all kinds; she her former husband Randy and several other pastors, including Creflo, Copeland, Meyers and Hinn have been under investigation by Senator Grassley of the Senate Finance Committee for alledgedly funding their extravagant lifestyles with their followers’ donations.

All of these only scratch the surface of “ministries” that have twisted the Scriptures leading many hurting seeking people astray not to mention potentially misusing donations to build their personal wealth.

Indeed. Preaching hellfire and damnation, getting everybody’s feelings all stirred up, getting them excited…and then urging them to send in the money, or pass the donation plate, or put money in the 'poor box…"

I like tithing. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s fair…and it’s doable for all.

Ah TBN, whenever I need a good laugh I turn to them.

Most of this I’ve heard over and over again, they haven’t stopped saying it yet. My favorite recent blasphemy was some preacher who took the parable of the Final Judgment out of context and said, “When you’re having sex with your sister in law, you’re having sex with Jesus!” I think I did the sign of the cross when I heard that so I wouldn’t be guilty just for listening to it.

I’m really frightened by the fact that he used sister-in-law as an example.

Oh the irony!!!

Byzantine this is not funny, many are being led astray. :frowning:

The sex reference isn’t funny but I think wolf means the overall channel and its antics are funny. TBN is so over-the-top in the PTL tradition lol…they used to have this Tammy Fay-type lady on there with this purple hair and a heap of eye makeup. Her husband was this goody-two-shoes guy with a CHP mustache and an all-white suit. They all sat in these rococo, decked-out crazy thrones with jewels in them, gold couches, gold frames around the paintings, gaudy decor and a table made of gold inlays with fancy-shmancy purple kingly fabrics on the chairs, etc. It was just too much. They’d have these nutty guest stars like these Christian guys who were hyped up on human growth hormone who would bust bricks and cinder blocks “through the power of Christ” and these cheesy singers, you name it. The show looked like an Ed Wood production. Hilarious. Benny Hinn got his start there and that guy is a LOON! Josie, you’re right that the outcome of people being mislead is NO laughing matter, but the show itself and the things being said as well as the costumes and phony-boloney act is a knee-slapper.:stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, so what can we do to stop them, they sound nuttier than fruit cake?

Pray, pray, pray.

And you can tell their sponsors you won’t support them so long as they support the show.

I usually don’t watch much of these types…but if one is in for the full range of emotions go for it.I mean it got it all some of it makes one laugh,cry ,angery, shocked, and sometimes even frightened:eek:
I do listen to some when i am out in the field. Lastnight i was told by a certain preacher that the Father would not forgive my sins if i did not also forgive the sins others have committed against me…So far so good… however if i should choose not to forgive another’s sins against me and our Father does not forgive me of my sins, the sins that are not forgiven by the Father do not cause me to loose my salvation.:eek:

These are wolves! They are led of the spirit of deceit!

Do not take these evil men for the true message that is of Jesus Christ!
Benny Hinn raises his hand to the crowds and they fall over 'in the spirit"

Believe me…there is a spirit that makes men fall on their backs but it isn’t the spirit of the living God Jehovah. See to it that you do not participate in these acts…because these wolves bear a heavy yoke on the down trodden! For the down trodden give the little of what they have to lavish these wolves in multi million dollar compounds and yet try to align themselves with the just who have faith in Christ.

The spirit of the Lord is against them. I and rebuke them for they will fall!
These wolves are agents of the enemy to nullify the Word!!!

Exactly. I laugh at the beliefs…I weep at the fact people believe them.

Also the name Trinity Broadcasting Network is ironic, given that Benny Hinn at one point taught that every Person in the Trinity had three Persons of their own…

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