All, nothing, or somewhere in between?

My wife and I have recently decided to make a greater effort to follow the teachings of the catholic church. This of course means learning some new ways and discarding some old ways. We have been married for 27 years and have 2 fabulous boys. One area that we have decided to start following the churchs instruction is NFP. This is new to us but something we have both agreed to and I believe it will bring us closer together and ultimately improve our relationship. For the time being we have agreed to abstain from intercourse until we learn about NFP. I understand that sexual relations with my wife should be both unitive and procreative. I also know that I find my wife very attactive both emotionally and physically even during this time of abstaining. I recently told her that it was just like she was my girlfriend again (no sex, but worth the wait!) So my question is this… is it ok to engage in consentual activities that are sexual in nature such as touching and kissing so long as orgasm is never reached? Is it ok to enjoy the physical and emotional closeness without going all the way?

Yes that is perfectly fine.:slight_smile:

**It is definitely ok to enjoy physical and emotional closeness with your wife. BUT you have to be cautious not to put yourselves in a “near occasion of sin”. For example, you wouldn’t want to do directly sexual touching (trying not to be too explicit) because you don’t intend to finish what you start.

Congrats on following your callings as a married couple and doing what will be difficult but right.


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