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A simple question, hopefully one that is not controversial :slight_smile:

I posted a while back about how Protestants often say that Catholicism isn’t Christian. However, how can they think such a thing? Do some of them not realise that the cross shows Jesus? So some of them just not care? Are they afraid to know something contrary to what they believe?


If one does not wish to be educated on any subject, it will not be pursued.
If one is comfortable in their convictions, they do not seek to question those convictions.
I know because I was once that comfortable, disinterested protestant.


If the Catholic Church is correct and she has Apostolic succession and the authority that comes with it…then her devout members are truely being fed the way that Jesus intended…

If the Catholic Church is incorrect, it is an Idolotrous cult. A lot of protestant denominations have to believe that we are not Christian or admit that they do not have the fullness of truth…a very painful admission indeed.


I feel as if it has mostly to do with their origins. Most Protestants have at least a vague knowledge that Protestantism is protesting something, and that something is Catholicism. In order for their version to be correct, it must be true that Catholicism is wrong. Most of them aren’t real clear on what, exactly, is wrong with Catholicism, but they may believe that it has to do with the Pope, and Mary, and Confession… stuff like that.

Now, I know people who are nominal Catholics who don’t manifest any of the joy or power of Christ in their lives. It may be true that they aren’t Christians. But that is not for me to say. I’ve had times in my life, both as a Protestant, and as a Catholic, that I wasn’t manifesting any of Christ’s joy or power in my life, but I believe I was still a Christian… I was just not doing the work, or having a prayer life. I try not to judge other people and their status as Christians, but I often fail in that, because I am a sinner. Protestants are sinners, too.


Maybe it is in the very nature of Protestantism, that they need to legitimize their reasons for being, by defining themselves as to what they are not (Catholicism). Protestantism in all its aspects arose as extreme reactions to the perceived corruption, worldliness and alleged theological errors of the sixteenth century Church. Protestantism to them represents the ultimate negation of Catholicism. In effect, as what a previous poster had said, it is ultimately a question of their origins. If they admit that Catholicism is Christian, then they would be denying the very reasons their forebears used in justifying their revolt.


The ultimate negation of Catholicism would be atheism. And what about the Orthodox?

I’ve never said that Catholicism wasn’t Christian.


O.S.L. - I deeply appreciate your comment! I think it somewhat shows that in people who actually care enough to learn and think find truth.

Thank you!

Also, have any members of yor flock ever said that catholicism is not christian? If so, what do you say to them?


What about the Orthodox?

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