All Saints and All Souls Day


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Anyway, I am in charge of decorating the church. I was planning on placing icons of saints near the altar and the lectern. But I was informed that they want pictures of deceased relatives. I asked why on All Saints day, shouldn’t it be for All Souls’ Day on a small table, but I received the answer that both days would be celebrated in one…what is this? Is this something new or just not right?:shrug:

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Pictures of deceased relatives on All Saints’ Day can send a very incorrect message. I would not do it. But meh.


Definitely should not be celebrated together. They are separate feast days for a reason. What’s next, combining Good Friday and Easter together?!?!


My thoughts exactly…I agree with both of you. Now, I just need to figure out what to do…because the priest set it that way.


I protested this but it will still be done, not by me, but by others.:frowning:


This is a little eccentric, but I wouldn’t fight it more than you have. Hopefully, it is simply one a bit outré thing in an otherwise orthodox parish.


Well, there isn’t much you can do about it.


Take a picture of your “deceased relative” Charles Manson, or some other whacko…

That might change things




I noticed that my nearby Jesuit parish is also combining the two Masses into one day especially since All Saint’s Day falls on a Friday and there isn’t daily Mass on Saturday mornings. Supposedly, there’s also a candle procession of some sort. I find it a bit sad that All Souls Day isn’t celebrated on the same level as All Saint’s Day.

Since you’re celebrating both, why not add an icon of St. Gertrude! :smiley:


Yes, when it comes to statues and photos for All Saints Day, the Church wisely likes to stick to its official Canon. I know there are many among us [including myself] who feel very strongly that certain folks amongst our deceased family and friends are also with the Angels and Saints in Heaven, but we are fallible and prone to being wrong from time-to-time.

Unless they are in the Canon, be safe and pray FOR THEM as well as PRAY FOR THEIR ASSISTANCE.

God willing I will be going to a cemetery this afternoon, and to my parish church for Holy Mass and Exposition this evening, so no souls will be ignored or overlooked.

Both days should include celebration - that of God’s Love and Mercy.


They are completely separate feasts, with different foci, readings and vestment colours. I cannot see how they would be conflated.



I’m a little confused.

Who informed you?

that they want pictures of deceased relatives.

Who is “they”?

…but I received the answer that both days would be celebrated in one…

Who gave this answer?

And by “celebrated in one” do you mean that the decorations would be the same for both days?

It’s hard to know what to suggest without knowing who is making these decisions. If it’s the pastor, then he has the authority to make decisions. If it’s some well intentioned member of the parish that’s different. If using pictures of relatives has been the tradition of the parish for eons, that’s different from trying something new this year.

I have a sacristan friend who has to change various cloths and decorations according to the liturgical color. When things change every day or two because of a feast day it’s a bit of a strain on her. Perhaps your pastor is trying to ease your burden by saying you should decorate once and leave it for both days, especially since you’ll then have to change things for Sunday.


I have a friend who is close the priest who helps me. The friend told me that’s the way the priest wanted it. I still think it would give the wrong message. I mean it’s All Saints Day, a Holy Day of Obligation, not All Souls Day.

I live less than 5 minutes away, so that is not an issue, it’s kind of a liberal parish.


Just curious, is the parish priest a religious order priest? Also, is this the only Mass offered that day for your parish? If so, what time is it scheduled? The Mass I mentioned above will be held at 7pm.


Parish Priest, we have mass in the morning and night and the next day!


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