All Saints' Day/Halloween costume ideas?


Our parish is having an All Saints’ Day party where the kids are encouraged to dress up as a saint. I’ve got a lot of ideas for my girls and little kids, but my 11 yo son and I are having a hard time coming up with a good idea for him. He wants something “cool” and manly, something he wouldn’t be “embarrassed” wearing at the neighborhood Halloween party. If I let him have his way, he’d be Jango Fett this year but I just can’t stomach two sets of costumes.

Any ideas? He likes the St. Sebastian idea but I’m not sure how to go about affixing fake arrows- or is that not respectful?


The martyred saints are popular with the teen/pre-teen boys. We had a head-less John the Baptist one year at our Catholic school. That was pretty cool.

A fearsome Micheal the Archangel might be good too. Or St. George the Dragon Slayer.


We are making my son’s Halloween costume this year and he is being a medieval assassin. But for the Church, he will be St. Christopher. He’s got a great story that might appeal to boys. It appeals to mine!


Corki stole my answer. :p Yes, St. Michael or St. George are good ones. Any saint outfit that comes with a sword is good. :)


[quote="Joe_5859, post:4, topic:215728"]
Any saint outfit that comes with a sword is good. :)


I'm sure all the little boys would agree! Getting to carry a cool sword would make dressing up as a saint much more fun for them. I'm sure there are plenty of saints who were knights and soldiers. I like the St. Michael idea (because my parish is named after him!)


I’m going to the Life Teen Mass during Trick and Treat time so I luck out but I get to go as something really scary - myself, a Catholic, woman in the middle of a divorce from a Narcissist. :eek:


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